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Working on an iPad just got even easier with Microsoft’s new Office updates


Microsoft has issued updates to Word, Excel and PowerPoint which makes them easier to use on an iPad and take full advantage of trackpad support in iPadOS.

Microsoft says the Office experience on an iPad is important for many users who use the device to work and learn and create.

The latest iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad models offer new features and capabilities to help people stay productive anywhere.

Microsoft recognised this and made several updates to the Office apps that will further enhance these applications and make them easier to use on an iPad.

Trackpad and mouse support form part of these key updates to give iPad users with a mouse or a Magic Keyboard easier cursor control, more fluid navigation and precise adjustments.

When you move the cursor with the built-in trackpad of Magic Keyboard it actually transforms into the tool you need depending on the content you’re pointing at.

Now users are able to highlight a passage of text in Word, select a range of cells in Excel and also move and resize graphics in PowerPoint.

Microsoft has also updated the overall user experience in Word, Excel and PowerPoint with new start screens along with a new ribbon of feature menus.

These changes offer a cleaner and more efficient user experience to help users find what they need faster so they can focus on the task they need to complete.

These updates will be rolled out to all users within the next couple of weeks.

These also follow a series improvements which continue to be made to make the Office experience even better and take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities including large multi-touch displays and its range of accessories .

The ability to open multiple documents in Word and PowerPoint was released earlier this year.

Microsoft’s additional updates for multi-document support in Excel along with powerful contextual menus and offline file support for cloud files will follow within the next few months.