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Take a peek inside the new-look Apple Store in Bondi


Tech Guide took a step inside the redesigned Apple store in Bondi for a sneak peek ahead of its official reopening to the public at 9:30am on Saturday.

The popular Bondi store has been completely revamped with everything but the tiled floor being replaced to give it a fresh new look and feel.

The renovation has taken more than two months to complete.

Customers will still see tables full of products at the front of the store which will lead them further inside past the Apple devices, to accessories and experiences in the normal way to the forum area at the back of the store.

To keep it in line with the other newly refurbished Apple stores around the world, the Bondi location is now filled with all new oak tables that replace the lighter maple tables which had been there for years before.

There are also avenues on each side which offer add-ons and accessories along with other products like smart devices, headphones and earphones and phone cases.

We learned that every last product and charger placed on these new oak tables were brand-new out-of-the-box and placed so that customers can interact with them.

It is every Apple staff members job to keep an eye on stock levels and ensure there are no empty spaces on the shelves.

Whenever a product is sold, the floor staff will soon replace the item which is prepared by the back office staff who are aware of the sale through the system.

As you move further into the store the area formerly known as the Genius Bar is now a series of tables for the support area where Apple staff can assess and solve any problem customers are having with their device.

The rear of the store, now known as the Forum, is dominated by a large screen that runs nearly the entire width of the back wall.

Above the screen is a large skylight and the walls on either side, which measure 10.5m x 8.5m, are covered with more than 7000 real plants which are watered with a specially designed irrigation system.

Such is Apple’s attention to detail, each plant is positioned based on the amount of sunlight each needs to thrive.

Scattered in front of the screen are a series of wooden stools where customers can enjoy the free Today at Apple sessions.

We took part in one of the sessions which was a hands-on look at the incredible Procreate drawing and sketching app – which was actually created by Australian developers based in Tasmania.

We were able to get hold of the supplied iPad (or we could have used our own) and were given an interesting tutorial on the strengths and features of the app and also learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

This is just one example of what customers can experience for themselves at the Apple Store.

Customers can either learn how to do more with the device they own or come in and use a device supplied by the Apple staff.

There are numerous programs for adults and kids that cover a variety of subjects including taking better photos with your iPhone, shooting video, making music, coding, art and design and even health and fitness.

There are also sessions dedicated to teaching customers about the various features on their Apple products they may not have known about and how they can use them in an even better way.

Apple’s goal is to create a true community feel within the store where customers are welcome to get their hands on the products and try them out.

The new look Apple store in Bondi will open to the public on Saturday morning at 9:30am.