Modern technology gives us many things.

Norton 360 offers complete online protection and a VPN to stay safe on public wi-fi


Today’s online threats have become quite complex and layered and are targeting our accounts, our privacy and our identify so we need cutting edge protection like the new Norton 360 Premium to keep us safe.

The all-in-one security software includes anti-malware, a firewall, a spam filter, phishing protection and cloud technology to safeguard our computers and mobile devices.

Norton 360 now includes Norton’s Secure VPN (virtual private network) for bank-grade encryption to provide secure wireless connection on public wi-fi.

The software is available in three tiers – Standard (one PC, Mac or mobile device), Deluxe (three and five devices) and Premium (one two, three, five and 10 devices).

The deluxe and premium editions also comes with parental controls to protect our children online and allow them to access and use the internet safely.

Installation is simple – you just visit and either sign in if you’re an existing customer or create an account with your email address, first and last name and a contact mobile number.

Next you enter your 25-digit product key that you’ll find inside the packaging and then select “agree and download”.

If you have an older version of Norton you will need to uninstall this before you can install the new software.

Once installed you can then manage the various features on board to suit yours and your family’s needs.

Here are the key features of Norton 360 Premium.


Norton is one of the leading Internet security companies when it comes to discovering new threats and closing them down.

Norton 360 will work across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones and tablets and will protect each of the products from ransomware, viruses, malware, spyware and other online threats.


There are advanced security features which help protect your private and financial information online.

The software will be able to detect phishing emails which try to trick users into handing over their information by posing as trusted institutions like banks and utility companies.


Norton 360 will constantly monitor your device and incoming traffic to prevent malicious attacks.

If it sees anything suspicious it will block that network traffic and prevent any intrusion into your system.


One new feature is PC SafeCam which will alert the user if there is an attempt to access your WebCam and block any unauthorised access.

There are numerous laptop companies selling laptops with physical camera covers but Norton has come up with a software solution.


Norton is so confident of its abilities to keep your devices virus free, it will offer customers a full refund if anything infects your computers or mobile devices.

Norton LifeLock experts are also on call to help you keep your devices virus free.


For the first time Norton 360 Premium now includes an integrated Secure VPN (Virtual Private network) which creates your own private tunnel to the Internet.

It is especially useful when using public wi-fi which is open to snooping by hackers who will be able to see exactly what you’re looking at online.

With Norton 360 aboard your laptop and mobile devices you can protect yourself with the included VPN.

The VPN can be easily toggled on and off on mobile devices with a simple touch of a button in the Norton Secure VPN app.


Norton 360 offers a full suite of parental controls which will allow you to set and edit profiles for individual family members as well as pause and unpause shared devices from accessing the Internet.

Parents can also set parameters on which sites can be reached and which are to be blocked.


We’re supposed to have a unique password for every one of our online accounts but that’s near impossible and the reason why many users double up on the same password across multiple accounts.

With the built-in password manager, Norton 360 can create strong unique passwords for you and apply them to the account you’re logging into without you even having to know or remember all of your usernames and passwords.


Also included with your Norton 360 subscription is even more cloud backup with up to 100GB of storage to protect and back up your important files and documents.

Storing your data in the cloud has numerous advantages including preventing data loss in the event of hard drive failures or stolen devices and even ransomware.

Pricing for Norton 360 Premium starts from $99 and goes up to $229 depending on how many devices you’d like to protect.

It is available online and also in-store at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks.