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How you can download and install the new macOS Big Sur software on your Mac now


The latest macOS operating system – Big Sur – is now available to download and install for iMac and MacBook users so they can experience the new software right now.

The new macOS Big Sur is a significant update to the Mac platform and includes a new design, a new-look dock, Control Centre and a faster and safer Safari browser.

You can see all the new features of macOS Big Sur here.

To install the macOS Big Sur Public Beta on your Mac you need to aim your browser at the Apple Beta Software Program page.

To enrol your Mac you need to download the macOS Big Sur Public Data Access Utility and run the installer.

From here your Mac will download the macOS Big Sur Public Beta and then install it.

Be sure you have a back-up of your Mac before installing the macOS Big Sure Public Beta.

Installation should take about 40-45 minutes.

macOS Big Sur can be installed on MacBooks released in 2015 onwards, MacBook Air from 2013 onwards, MacBook Pro from late 2013 onwards, Mac Mini 2014 and later, iMac from 2014, iMac Pro from 2017 onwards and Mac Pro from 2013 and later.

Here are the new macOS Big Sur features:


Big Sur has a slick new minimal look that borrows heavily from the iOS design with similar control panels and user interface.

Sidebars will also go full height so as not to interfere with your content.


The Dock has been refreshed with a slightly new look and a consistent look so all app icons will be the same size and you can get to your apps faster.


The Control Centre from iOS will now come to the Mac and put all controls at your fingertips including music controls, dark mode and wi-fi and Bluetooth.


This now combines widgets and notifications in a single view with the option of launching content like new podcast episodes from here.

Users can also resize their widgets to suit their needs.


Safari is faster and safer than ever before with new privacy features.

Users can now customise their start page including favourites and reading list.

There is also an improved tab design so more can now be visible at once and you can also hover the mouse over the tab to peek at the site.

There are numerous other features coming to macOS Big Sur that can also be found in iOS including improved messaging and Maps with EV routing.

macOS Big Sur is available for public beta now with the final version to go live around September/October.