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Apple releases new Magic accessories and keyboards with Touch ID for Mac users


Apple has released a range of new Magic accessories for standalone purchase to use with the Mac and MacBook – including the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse.

Apple has also released three new graphics modules for Mac Pro which will offer a huge performance boost to the graphics horsepower.

The Magic accessories available for standalone purchase include the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID so users can enjoy fast, easy, and secure authentication whenever they need to log-in or make an online purchase.

There are two Magic Keyboards with Touch ID – a smaller keyboard ($209) and a larger version ($249) which includes a numerical keypad.

But these Touch ID keyboards will only with an M1-powered iMac or MacBook. And they will only be available in silver.

Coloured Magic Touch ID keyboards, Magic Trackpads and Magic Mouse will only be available with a matching 24-inch iMac.

But customers with older Macs still have the choice of a new Magic keyboard in both sizes ($139 and $179) without Touch ID.

These new models now include keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight, Dictation, Do Not Disturb, and emoji.

The latest Magic Trackpad ($179) now has a new and slightly refined shape which is a perfect match for the new Magic Keyboard.

It features the full range of Multi-Touch gestures as well as Force Touch technology.

The new Magic Mouse ($109) has a Multi-Touch surface which can read simple gestures.

All of these the new Magic accessories now include a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable, for quick pairing and can be charged  via the USB-C port on your Mac.

Previous models of the Magic accessories shipped with a Lightning to USB Cable for connecting to a USB-A port.

All of the Magic accessories are wireless and have rechargeable batteries onboard which last for months between charges.

The new graphics cards modules for the Mac Pro are based on AMD’s next-generation graphics processor — the Radeon Pro W6000-Series GPU — and comes in three variants, the Radeon Pro W6800X MPX Module, Radeon Pro W6800X Duo MPX Module and the Radeon Pro W6900X MPX Module. 

Mac Pro can supports two MPX Modules and when populated with two W6800X Duo cards delivers an immense 60 teraflops of graphics performance and 128GB of memory.

These GPUs also feature Infinity Fabric Link, now allowing up to 4 GPUs (two Duo modules) to connect at 84GB/s per link in each direction (168GB/s bi-directional bandwidth) – 5x faster than the PCIe bus.

The Radeon Pro W6000-series MPX Modules each feature four additional Thunderbolt 3 ports and an HDMI 2 port, so as users add more graphics, they also get more connectivity with up to 12 Thunderbolt 3 ports.

These new GPUs replace the AMD Vega II MPX Modules available with Mac Pro today and will be offered both as configure-to-order options for new Mac Pro orders as well as kits for existing customers looking to add more GPU performance to their Mac Pro.

These new GPU cards for Mac Pro will drastically improve pro workflows like never before, delivering huge gains in performance across a variety of pro apps, including up to 84 per cent faster performance when running Octane X, up to 26 per cent increase in frame rate when doing real-time 3D interaction in Maxon Cinema 4D and up to 23 per cent faster performance when using DaVinci Resolve.

The new graphics modules will be sold both as a configure to order option when purchasing a new Mac Pro or as standalone kits for existing Mac Pro customers who would like to upgrade.

The AMD Radeon Pro Vega II MPX Module and AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo MPX Module will no longer be available as a configurable option but will remain available as a standalone kit to existing customers.

Customers can purchase the new Apple Magic products and graphics card modules from