Modern technology gives us many things.

The top apps for seniors


Technology is constantly evolving to enhance our lives, and while the older generation may not take to it as easily or with open arms as the younger generation does, there sure are a number of apps out there that aim to make seniors’ lives easier.

 With thousands of apps available today, it’s no surprise there are many out there aimed at making the lives of seniors better. If you can think of it, you can bet there’s an app for it. From remembering to take medication, to checking your heart health and stimulating the mind, there’s an app out there.

The truth is, there’s an app out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking after an elderly loved, you’re a recent retiree or living in an aged care home, here are the top apps for seniors, in collaboration with Aged Care Prepare.

Instant Heart Rate

If you’re concerned about your heart rate, or you’ve been instructed to keep an eye on it by your doctor, Instant Heart Rate is the app for you. By placing your finger on your phone’s camera lens, the app can determine your heart rate using its algorithm and you can be assured that you are receiving an accurate reading. Additionally, the app can provide data on how your heart rate changes over time, as well as offers a stress test to get a quick sense of where your stress levels are.


Fitness and exercise are crucial, and even more so as we age. If you need to track what exercises you need to complete on a daily basis, and need the reminder to do them, then MyFitnessPal is a great app to get started. Keep a record of how many kilometres you’ve walked and exercises you’ve completed, receive motivation, tips and encouragement from the discussion forms and even track your diet with their food diary to ensure you stay on a healthy path.


If you’ve recently had an injury or recovering from surgery, PocketPhysio is a great addition to your rehabilitation efforts. While it is a UK based app, it serves to help anyone and everyone who needs some extra help during the process. From how to walk correctly with crutches or a walking frame, to safe daily exercises and recommended ways to get dressed and out of the bath, the app helps you safely through the healing journey. The app even reminds you when to do your exercises for the day.

Words With Friends

Keeping one’s mind fit and active is important to stave off any memory related illnesses, particularly as we get older and our cognitive ability decreases. To keep your mind working at optimum level, Words With Friends is the perfect app for the job. If you’re into word games, particularly Scrabble (the game the app is based on) this app is bound to give you many hours of mental exercise as well as fun. Whether your friends are next door or across the ocean, you can play against one another at any time.

Senior Easy Phone

 Struggle to see all the messages and numbers on your smartphone? If your eyes aren’t what they used to be then the Senior Easy Phone app has you covered. The app increases the size of all important smartphone features, from the phone dialer and date and time, to larger text, buttons, and battery status, helping all seniors who struggle to navigate the small touchscreen with ease.

There are certainly many apps out there that can help seniors with daily tasks, health related issues and even entertainment. Whether you need help keeping your mind active, want to get into a good exercise routine or need to keep an eye on your vitals, technology has you covered.