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App Store introduces mandatory summaries to make app privacy and data use even clearer


An app’s privacy information is now more obvious than ever after Apple introduced a mandatory glanceable summary on the App Store so users have more transparency about the data the apps gather and use.

From today, every app on Apple’s App Store will now include clear privacy practices and information about the type of data collected and used.

This privacy information is now mandatory across all App Stores including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

This reporting is also now a part of the app submission process for all developers and the same questions must be answered by every app developer globally, including Apple itself.

Apple has always prided itself on preserving a user’s privacy across all its devices and this move adds to that transparency.

Now users can see at a glance all of the privacy and data information about the app before they download it.

The app product pages will also describe the types of data that are linked to you including data used to track you, data linked to you and data not linked to you.

App developers can update their information at any time.

From December 8, Apple has required developers to submit this new privacy information to the App Store so they could update their apps.

There is no requirement for app developers to make changes to their app or business model.

This move is designed to simply provide users with transparency about what data, if any, apps collect and use to track you and link back to you.