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Nespresso’s Momento workplace machine can handle all your office coffee needs


Nespresso is a brand we know from their coffee machines we use in our home but it is also available in the workplace with the release of the Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk.

Inspired by the evolution of the workplace in the post-COVID world, the Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk is an all-in-one solution that can create quality coffee at the press of a button or the wave of your hand if you prefer a totally contactless experience.

“Australia’s workplaces have been changing rapidly: they’ve become more flexible, with teams now working from a mix of home and office,” said Jean-Marc Dragoli, General Manager, Nespresso Oceania.

“This makes human interaction even more valuable, as face-to-face conversations are few and far between.

“We designed the Nespresso Momento range to create the perfect cup of coffee to be at the heart of these exchanges, enhancing meaningful employee relationships.”

The Nespresso Momento allows users to select their coffee pod – there are 17 choices – and choose from up to 12 different milk recipes including latte and flat white.

The unit has a modular design that includes a separate milk fridge and water tank which can all be locked with a key for added security.

Offices can also choose to plumb in water to the unit so they don’t need to remember to fill the tank.

Starting at $5,999, the Nespresso Momento system is designed to be adapted to different workplaces with different coffee needs and can be arranged to suit the available space  in the office kitchen or coffee corner.

It is also the quietest machine in the Nespresso range which means it can be positioned in smaller meeting rooms and conference rooms.

The unit measures 660mm x 550mm x 470mm and weighs 39kg and has an integrated 3L milk fridge.

Nespresso Momento includes capsule recognition technology so it can select the ideal cup size for the coffee extraction for the aroma and intensity of the chosen capsule.

The machine also has Bluetooth onboard so users can operate the machine from their smartphone.