Netgear’s new Click Switches put ports and cables where you want them

Network switches – those devices that allow users to connect even more devices to the internet using an Ethernet cable – are usually designed to be square and bulky and don’t really blend in with our workspace.

Netgear has noticed this problem and come up with its latest 8 and 16 port Click Switches which have a long and slender design with a mounting option for added convenience.

They have a slim form-factor which also contains the power supply so right out of the box you’re going to have less cables and clutter.

But apart from the convenient shape, the mounting system provides you with four ways you can position the Netgear Click Switch – vertically or horizontally and on its back or on its side.

The mounting plate can be screwed in to a wall or desk either horizontally or vertically so you can put the ports right where you need them.

The Click Switch has slots on its back panel and side panel that will allow it to be easily attached to the mounting plate on its back or on its side.

It can be installed against the wall, under the desk and even on the leg of the desk to suit your set-up.

Even the power cord is multidirectional and connects to the corner of the Click Switch so the cable can be directed out or downwards.

The Netgear Click Switches also come with Velcro retaining straps to you can neatly manage the Ethernet cables.

Netgear’s Click Switch can be mounted on the side….
….. or on its back

The 8-port Click Switch also includes two USB ports so you can charge your smartphone, tablet, e-reader and other devices.

The 16-port Click doesn’t have USB ports but is designed for a heavy user or a small business looking to easily expand their connectivity.

The LED lights at each port can also be easily turned off so they’re not distracting you if placed within view of your computer or near your TV.

You can also manage the cables and direct the power cable out or down

And they also run silently without a cooling fan.

The Click Switches have true plug and play set up with the ProSafe Plus networking features so video and voice traffic can be prioritised and multimedia delivery is optimised.

The Netgear Click Switches are available now and are priced at $139 (8-port GSS108E) and $219 (16-port GSS116E).





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