New iStabilizer range improves your smartphone photography

The camera we use most often is the one on our smartphone and iStabilizer has a new range of products to help take even better pictures and videos on your mobile.

And as the brand name suggests, the products are designed to give users a stable platform to take quality photographs with your smartphones and tablets.

The new iStabilizer products include the Flex, the TabFlex, Dolly and Shutter Remote for iOS and Mac.


The Flex combines both a tripod and a mount to allow users to position their smartphone to capture images or video.

It will fit all of the iPhones and any other smartphone that is up to 7cm wide in the clip mount.

The smartphone can also be tilted to shoot in portrait mode thanks the adjustable joint on the mount.

And because the clip mount is held in place on the tripod with a universal camera screw, the Flex can also hold your compact digital camera as well.

And it’s not called Flex for nothing. The legs of the tripod are bendable so it can be used to grip objects as well as positioned on level surfaces.


The TabFlex steps things up for those users who prefer to capture their images and video with a tablet.

It will fit tablets that are up to 21cm tall or wide – which means it can handle 7 – 10-inch devices including the iPad and iPad Mini.

And, like its baby brother the Flex, the TabFlex has a specialised tablet clip mount and flexible legs that can be positioned not only for photography but also for convenience.

It can be fixed to a tree, a pole, a car headrest, a fence, desk or in the kitchen so you can either take your pictures and videos but also position the screen for easier hands-free viewing,


If you really want to take your smartphone/compact digital camera videography to the next level then the iStabilizer Dolly what you need.

The device might look like a roller skate complete with solid plastic wheels you’d find on a scooter but it is an easy and effective way to create smooth cinematic tracking and panning shots.

Also included is an adjustable arm with the iStabilizer clip mount on the universal camera screw so it can fit smartphones that are up to 7cm wide even if they are still in a case.

Users can also work with compact digital cameras to capture video as well.

The wheels on the iStabilizer Dolly can also be adjusted so the product can move in a circle as well as in straight line to allow users to unleash their creativity.


Now it’s one thing to have your iPhone all set up on an iStabilizer tripod or dolly but if you want to get yourself into the photos or video you’ll need the iStabilizer Shutter Remote.

The Shutter Remote is small enough to slip into your pocket and pairs with your iOS device – iPhone, iPad and iPod – via Bluetooth.

Once paired, users can activate the shutter for pictures and videos as well as remotely control the device to play movies, activate Siri, listen to music and even adjust the screen brightness.

The device is also compatible with a Mac computer.

The Shutter Remote works within a 10m range so now it’s even easier than ever to taking those selfies.

The iStabilizer range is available from the following stockists:


Next Byte – Nationally –

QLD – Talk2themac – FNQ –

QLD – I Love Computers

VIC – EduAdv

VIC – Beyond the Box

VIC – AZComputers

WA –  T4 –

NSW – Powermedia –

NSW – MullumMac –

NSW – PowerMax –

NSW – Digital Appeal

SA – PowerOn –


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