Jabra Evolve 65t wireless earphones review – professional audio quality and new features


The Jabra Evolve 65t deliver excellent sound to be enjoyed in any situation whether at work or play.

Wireless earphones are more popular than ever and the new Jabra Evolve 65t are taking things to the next level with new standards and a range of new features.

These are professional grade earphones that are UC (universal communication)-Certified – the first wire-free earphones of their kind to earn this certification.

They are also designed and optimised to be used with Skype for Business so they’re not just about playing your music well – which they do – but also for voice communication.

With that in mind it should be noted these earphones cost $605 because they carry with them that professional certification which effectively makes them as a good a headset/microphone as they are as top shelf earphones.

On the design they look almost identical to the earlier model and to the Elite 65t  but they are in a class of their own and now offer superior audio quality across the board

And for the mobile professional they are also attractive because of the new four-microphone technology for vastly improved call quality.

We used the Jabra Evolve 65t for several radio interviews and the sound quality was excellent.

The stations couldn’t tell we were using earphones instead of talking into the phone.

The Jabra Evolve 65t earphones are also certified for Skype for Business and we have used them for TV crosses done through Skype and Facetime where the audio is recorded via a phone call while at the same time the video being captured via Skype on our laptop.

Another big help here is the fact you can connect the earphones to two devices at once – a smartphone and a computer.

Included with the earphones is a USB dongle for your PC or Mac so it’s even easier to switch between devices.

The Jabra Evolve 65t could be used all day – so it’s a good thing they are comfortable to wear. In fact, after a while you’ll forget they are in your ears.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech (take a close look at his ears) used the Jabra Evolve 65t for a live TV cross from Las Vegas for Sky News

Having true wireless freedom makes the Jabra Evolve 65t even more attractive especially for users who are more mobile than others.

The earbuds fit snugly and securely so there’s no risk they are going to fall out.

They also offer some passive noise cancellation just from the seal of the silicone tips of the earbuds in your ears.

The fit is also discreet – they don’t protrude too far from your ears. In fact, from a distance, others probably couldn’t tell you’re wearing them.

But what about the audio quality?

The Jabra Evolve 65t sound brilliant.

They are crisp and clear no matter what you’re listening to whether it’s music or a podcast or audiobook.

On the music side the clarity is remarkable as is the level of bass.

They are also loud enough to enjoy whatever you’re listening to without being deafening.

What helps to get them sounding the way you want is the Jabra Sound+ app which allows you to adjust the equaliser to hear your music the way you want it.

There are also presets for those who prefer more bass or more treble or just more energy.

You can even customise your call audio quality as well.

These earphones also have an IP56 rating so they can handle even the sweaty used workout.

Speaking of workouts, you do have to be careful when you’re out for a run to listen for traffic and other sounds.

For us we had to turn the volume down to hear what was going on around us.

There is a Hear Through mode – but this can only be accessed through the app and will only work with your music paused so you can hear airport announcements or if you wanted to talk to someone without taking the earphones out.

Hear Through utilises the four onboard microphones to amplify the sound around you so you can hear it even clearer.

But it would have been good to activate this feature by the earphones themselves.

One thing you can do with a touch of the earphones is access your digital assistants whether it’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

One the battery side,  the Jabra earphones will run for an impressive 5 hours and up to 15 hours when placed inside the fully charged charging case.

This is important because these are likely to be worn a lot longer than normal earphones. They could potentially be worn for an entire week day.

And if you need a quick charge, 15 minutes of charging will give you 90 minuted of power. Perfect if you need to get through the last but off your work day or you’ve forgotten to charge the Jabra Evolve 65t earphones before a run.

For a user who will mix listening to music and other audio content with business use like Skype calling and making calls on your mobile device, the Jabra Evolve 65t is the ideal choice.

At $605, they are  way more expensive than similar looking products on the market but are far more superior in terms of voice, calling and communication and their  audio quality leaves similar products in the shade.

In fact, the Jabra Evolve 65t is one of the best wireless earphones you can buy. And  at that price you’d expect nothing less.


The Jabra Evolve 65t deliver excellent sound to be enjoyed in any situation whether at work or play.