Amazon Echo Show 10 review – the screen will follow you and stay in view


The Amazon Echo Show 10 takes the smart display to a whole new level with an improved speaker and a display that can always be in view.

The idea of a smart speaker that follows you as you move around the room maybe a little off putting but the Amazon Echo Show 10 is a handy smart display to have in your life.

And when we say follow you around the room, we don’t mean it actually follows you around the room we mean the display turns to face you when you need it to.

Amazon has had a number of smart displays in various sizes but these were static products that could only be viewed when you were in front of it.

The Echo Show 10 brings all the smarts from the wide range of Alexa speakers and combines the tracking screen and a high-quality speaker into one attractive unit.

Set up is really easy and is all done through the product’s touchscreen display so you could be up and running in minutes.

But with this speaker there are a couple of other steps you need to take including choosing Its position, whether it’s against the wall in a corner or on an open surface, in placing the speaker needs to be considered carefully to ensure the swivelling screen has a full range of motion.

Having a screen like this, when used in the right position, can be a very helpful and useful tool.

We set up the Amazon Echo show 10 for our review on our long kitchen counter and it came in handy when following a recipe, when watching content and when making a video call.

The screen can also be tilted manually to create a more comfortable viewing angle.

Having a screen adds another layer of versatility to a smart speaker with the unit not only able to tell you what you want to know but also being able to show you as well.

As with other Alexa speakers, the Echo Show 10 can be used in a variety of ways whether it’s to find information, connect and control smart devices and to consume a variety of content.

The fact that the screen will swivel in your direction means you can still get on with what you’re doing and see the smart display at the same time.

In the kitchen it is ideal especially if you’re cooking and following a recipe.

With voice control and a 10.1 -inch screen that will always be pointing in your direction, you can be elbow deep in your ingredients and still find out what you need to know.

The screen is located above a cylindrical speaker which is a decent size and would have been a great product on its own.

That size adds to the audio quality so music sounds crisp and clear and adds a decent level of bass as well.

It’s easily the best quality Amazon speaker you can buy.

The audio quality makes consuming your content even more enjoyable.

Users can watch Netflix and Prime Video on the Amazon Echo Show 10.

The 10.1-inch HD screen is large enough to enjoy your shows when you’re sitting close by if the device is on a kitchen counter or a desk.

But you can’t watch YouTube on the Echo Show 10. That would require a Google Nest Hub because Google actually owns YouTube.

And of course your music is just a voice command away with access to music services including Amazon Music and Spotify.

You have to remember the screen will move with you with your watching something or listening to music and when you ask Alexa a question.

The screen will swivel effortlessly to face you so you can always see what’s on the screen.

Users can also make video calls to the unit – this is called a drop in – and if you’re receiving a call on the Amazon Alexa Show 10, the device will follow you and always keep you in the centre of the frame.

it’s also possible to access the built-in camera to remotely monitor your home through the Alexa app or from other echo show smart displays.

This is a quick and easy way to check in on your home to see what your pets are up to or to make sure your children are home from school.

But there is a way to block the camera and to disconnect the microphone if you want complete privacy.

Users can also disable motion at any time if you would prefer the screen not to follow your every move.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is available now and is priced at $399. It is available in stores and at


The Amazon Echo Show 10 takes the smart display to a whole new level with an improved speaker and a display that can always be in view.