Netcomm M2 turns USB modem into wi-fi hotspot

Netcomm this week released a light and compact router that can turn your USB modem into a wireless hotspot that can be used anywhere and with multiple devices.

The M2 N150 Wireless Router works with any 3G USB modem and will also support Telstra’s speedy 4G modems.

Now several users can enjoy a single USB connection whether they are connecting with laptops, smartphones, tablets or gaming consoles.

Being such a light and portable unit, the M2 can also be packed in your bag and taken with you on your travels.

The built-in Ethernet LAN port can be used to by travellers staying at a hotel to transfer the room’s cable internet connection to your very own wi-fi hotspot to connect multiple devices wirelessly instead of paying for several connections.

The device itself is just 85.5mm wide, 56mm wide and 17.5mm deep.

The Netcomm 3G/4G Wireless N150 Router M2 is available now through Telstra dealers and is priced at $79.

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