The ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave 3-in-1 is a hub, battery and wireless charger in one

If you’re travelling the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave is an ideal product to take with you. It’s a 3-in-1 device which packs in a USB-C dock, a battery and can provide wireless charging.

Typically users have to carry a battery, a wireless charger and a USB-C dock separately but they’ve now been merged into a single device with the first of its kind ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave.

The product is slightly larger than a deck of cards which makes it really easy to fit in your bag to take anywhere with you.

The exact dimensions are 12.5cm long, 7cm wide and 2.05cm thick.

The ALOGIC Dock Wave is made from high-quality materials so it can handle day to day usage.

It provides all-in-one connectivity and charging.

On the connectivity side, the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave is a fully-fledged USB-C dock which can be connected to a MacBook Pro or any other computer with a USB-C port.

It includes a HDMI port that’s capable of outputting 4K at 30Hz to an external display, SD card and microSD card readers, two USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port which can be used for pass through power delivery and to charge your mobile devices with a cable.

This is usually a product we carry in our bags wherever we go to use with our MacBook Pro to read USB drives and to transfer pictures and videos from our camera.

Another essential we need for our mobile devices is power and the ability to charge them on the move with a portable battery has been a game changer.

That’s also onboard the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave.

The 5000mAh battery under the hood offers enough power to give your smartphone a complete recharge on the go.

You can charge your device with a cable through the USB-C port (2.4A charging output) on the side of the Dock Wave.

It can easily charge a phone or tablet but it doesn’t have the output power to charge a laptop. For that you’ll need the ALOGIC 27,000mAh Laptop Power Bank (separate review to come).

The onboard battery is also charged through this port and there are four LED indicators on the side to give users an instant view at the power level.

But if your smartphone can be charged wirelessly you can also take advantage of the built-in 5W Qi charging pad on top of the device.

There’s a small “Qi” in the centre of non-slip textile panel so you know exactly where to place your compatible smartphone, smart watch and AirPods to charge.

To enable wireless charging on the ALOGIC Dock Wave, simply double click the button on the side where the LED indicators are located and the blue wireless indicators comes on.

This means the device is ready to wirelessly charge your phone, watch or earphones.

To deactivate wireless charging and not waste any valuable power, press the side LED button again.

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy or Note smartphones user the ALOGIC Dock Wave you can take advantage of Samsung DeX when connected to a computer.

Users can drag and drops to a Mac or PC and take advantage of the computer’s mouse and keyboard to increase your productivity with your Samsung smartphone.

And you can even kick back and enjoy games through Samsung DeX with the ALOGIC Dock Wave as well.

The biggest advantage of the ALOGIC Dock Wave, apart from the amazing functionality, is that it dramatically reduces clutter.

We carried less cables and less devices.

The ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave is also great value at $179.95 considering you get three products in one. It’s available in silver or grey from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman and comes with a two-year warranty.


The old American Express ads used to say: “don’t leave home without it”. The very same can be said for the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave. For anyone who travels or does a lot of work on the go, the ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave is an essential item that should be the first thing you pack in your bag.

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