Keep your earphones in place with the Sprng Clip

One frustration for earphone users is they don’t stay in place when you’re running and a simple new product has just been launched to solve this problem.

The Sprng Clip is a product created by a Canadian company that fits on top of Apple’s Earpods to hold them securely in place.

When slid into place the Sprng Clip extends above the Earpods and locks them into your ear until you’re ready to take them off.

Sprng Clips will only fit Apple’s Earpods that were supplied with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and the latest iPods.

They will also fit on the current Apple Earpods that can now be purchased separately.

Now instead of paying for a new pair of earphones, a pair of Sprng Clips can solve the problem if you find your Earpods popping out while on a run or in the gym.

They are priced at $US10 a pair plus shipping and available in four colours – grey, blue, green and pink.

There is also a four-pack of Sprng Clips – one of each colour – for $US30.

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