Xenoma’s e-skin can track your movements to become the ultimate wearable

It seems everything is getting smarter as we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And that now includes our clothing as we saw with the smart e-skin apparel from Xenoma.

The company’s skin-tight smart shirt can be worn like a regular garment and it has 14 sensors that monitors the wearer’s motions.

The e-skin is made with printed circuit fabric so it can be integrated into traditional textiles and be able withstand extreme and repeated movements.

It can be used for gaming, sport and fitness and healthcare with the SDK (software developers kit) being made available to developers from February 1 so they can take advantage of the technology.

A small hub sits on the chest so it can collect all the information and transmit the information to a mobile device or computer via Bluetooth.

In a gaming scenario, imagine playing a virtual reality game where you didn’t need to hold a controller because Xenoma’s e-skin makes your whole body the controller.

Your movements can be translated from reality into the game in real time.

For a sport or fitness use case, the e-skin can monitor all your upper body movements.

It would potentially assess how you’re exercising based on your movements and record all the information from the sensors as well.

A healthcare use case could be monitoring patients who are in rehabilitation or keep track of respiration during sleep.

You can also monitor the movements of infants and the elderly and even be notified of dangerous behaviour.

When Tech Guide saw the e-skin at the CES Unveiled event, the shirt had been programmed to control the music on a nearby Bluetooth speaker

The Xenoma e-skin, which won a CES Innovation Award, has the potential to become the ultimate wearable.


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