Popular connected home brand Nest has just launched in Australia

Nest, a well-known connected home brand, has just launched in Australia with a range of products that not only offer convenience but safety and security as well.

Founded by two former Apple employees, Nest was acquired by Google in 2014 before being bought by Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Nest has already been available in 12 countries and Australia is the lucky 13th.

The first products Nest will launch in Australia include a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, and indoor and outdoor camera and advanced cloud storage system.

It’s no surprise, considering the company was started by ex-Apple employees, that design and ease-of-use is a high priority.

“Nest is focused on creating a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it,” said Maxime Veron, Director of Product Marketing at Nest.

“To date, Nest’s hardware, software and services have been available for purchase in just twelve markets, yet they’re used by millions of people in more than 190 countries.

“Today we’re excited to be entering our first market in Asia Pacific region.”

Here is what Nest will be offering at launch:


Nest Protect is a smoke alarm with a difference. It can detect smoke and fire and offer a vocal alert which will tell you where the danger is inside your home.

The unit will also send you a notification to your phone in case the fire occurs when you’re not home.

And if you have a Nest camera in that room it will provide live video of the fire or smoke to the Nest app on your phone as well.

But even if it’s just someone burning the toast, there is time to cancel the alert with the press of the large central button rather than bearing the shrill noise of a smoke alarm for nothing.


The Nest Indoor camera plugs into a power source so you never have to worry about changing or recharging batteries.

With this constant power you’ll never miss any motion or sound.

And with night vision, you’ll be able to monitor your property 24/7.

Using the Nest app, users can control and monitor their home or office live in full high definition from anywhere.


The Nest Outdoor camera offers the same quality and resolution as the indoor camera but it has a weatherproof construction.

It also can be connected to power and it has a 7m cable to help you do that.

The camera also comes with a magnetic base to make it easier to find a spot outside your home to position it.

You can monitor packages being dropped off and people entering the property.

And like the indoor camera it also has two-way audio so you can speak to a courier at your front door or someone inside your home as well.

NEST AWARE – from $14 a month

There is no local storage for the Nest cameras so pictures and video is stored in the cloud.

Nest Aware can store up to 30 days of continuous video and give users an easy way to review the video using advanced cloud algorithms.

This means it is possible to search through hours and hours of video and thumbnail bookmarks where Nest Aware has noted movement in the frame.

The nest range of products will be available from iSelect as both standalone products or as part of exclusive bundle deals with iSelect energy and telco partners including Optus, Sumo and Mate Communicate.

Nest customers will also see offers across home loan, home, content and health insurance in the coming months at iSelect.

“Nest strives to create a home that is more thoughtful, reinventing unloved but important products to do more for you than you do for them, and this aligns perfectly with our mission to help Australians take care of their important Life Admin,” said Scott Wilson, Managing Director & CEO of iSelect.

“We are excited to offer the Nest products on our brand-new eCommerce store from today, as well as help customers unlock additional value by bundling their new Nest purchase with exclusive offers from our range of insurance, utilities and personal finance partners.”


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