How you can display your vaccination certificate when you check in with Service NSW app

The Service NSW app has had a major update so you can now show your proof of vaccination as soon as you check in to venues across NSW now that shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and cinemas are back open again.

Since Freedom Day on October 11, NSW residents had to check in with the Service NSW app and then exit that app and then go into the Medicare app, Apple Wallet or Google Pay to produce their proof of vaccination.

The latest update to the Service NSW app (version 7) can now display your vaccination certificate as soon as you check in.

Victorians can already do this and the steps to set it up are the same.

Users will have to authorise the sharing of their vaccination certificate from the Medicare app to Service NSW.

Here’s what you need to do.


Make sure you are running the latest version of the Service NSW app (Version 7). To do this go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for the app – you’ll either see an option to Update (if you haven’t got the latest version) or Open (if you have already updated to Version 7).


Go to the Medicare app and sign in. Go to Proof of Vaccinations. Click on View History and scroll down and you’ll see the option: Share with check in app.


At this stage you’ll see options for Service NSW and Service Victoria with the option to Share beside each one. If you live in NSW, click Share beside Service NSW. If you live in Victoria – then click share beside Service Victoria.


You’ll now be presented with a privacy policy – scroll to the bottom and click Accept and Share and you’ll see a notification that says Sending Certificate.


At this point you are advised that you will be leaving the Medicare app and taken into the Service NSW app to complete the vaccination certificate sharing. You will have to hit the I Accept button on some terms and conditions in the Service NSW before it tells you it is preparing your COVID-19 digital certificate.


Once completed it will show screens about showing your COVID-19 certificate and how you can now check in and show your vaccination status at the same time. If you have an issue here it could be because you have not updated the Service NSW app. It could also be that the servers are busy and timing out. Come back and try again and it should work.


Next step is for when you arrive at a venue where you must check in AND show your vaccination certificate. You check in like normal and it will say Checked In above the name of the venue which now has a shimmering watermark behind it.


If you are asked to show proof of vaccination look below the venue’s name where it will now say Proof of vaccination and to the right of that it says SHOW MORE. Click SHOW MORE and you’ll see a green notification that says Your proof of vaccination and an arrow to the right. Click on this arrow and you will be presented with your COVID-19 digital certificate.

You will notice the COVID-19 certificate will now display the current time and the shimmering watermark.

You’ll also see a QR code here which will change every time you open the certificate. This QR code can be scanned by the venue to confirm your identity.

It’s the same thing with the NSW digital drivers’ licence – these are just additional security measures so that no one can fake the certificate or licence and they can’t just show a screen shot.

This ensures that what you’re presenting – whether it’s your COVID-19 certificate, or drivers’ licence, is genuine.

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