Modern technology gives us many things.

Trackimo GPS tracking device lets you keep an eye on people and objects anywhere


Trackimo is a personal tracking device that uses GPS to allow users to locate different objects, pets and even people no matter where they are in the world.

The Trackimo device is tiny – it’s just 4.7cm wide, 3.9cm long and 1cm thick.

It is powered by a small rechargeable battery and connects via an international  2G SIM card to the GSM network so the device can report its current GPS location.

Trackimo works through a browser or a companion iPhone or Android app to locate the device and thereby whatever it is attached to.

If you want know where your child is, the location of your pet or your car, your luggage or anything else then the Trackimo can pinpoint that location to within 15 metres.

Users can also see where the device has been over a designated period.

Customers can set up and activate Trackimo through a browser after entering the device’s ID number which can be found inside under the battery or on the back of the packaging.


The Trackimo needs to be outside to be located and once it is, it can only be seen by the owner and up to 10 trusted people if your choosing so they can receive alerts via email or SMS.

Accuracy of the Trackimo is to within 15 metres and it can be used for a variety of purposes and in a number of scenarios.

The device comes with a clip or a magnetic plate with Velcro so it can be attached quite easily to an object or a person. There’s also a loop to attach Trackimo to a lanyard or a keyring.


Being able to know exactly where someone is offers peace of mind especially for parents with their kids. The device can be attached to a child’s backpack or their clothing.

It’s the same for teenagers and the elderly so they can be cared for from a distance and even for your pets.

Trackimo can also be used to monitor a teenager’s driving with the ability to receive alerts if the device moves outside of a designated area and if they exceed the speed limit.

For your car Trackimo can also be used as a tracking device so if the vehicle is stolen it can easily be located in seconds. You can so the same thing with your luggage.

Trackimo will also let you know exactly where your pets are. In the US only six per cent of dog owners and two per cent of cat owners found their lost pets at shelters.


For added peace of mind, there’s also an SOS button that, when depressed for four seconds, can send an alert and the location via app notification, email or SMS.

And the device can be tracked no matter where it is in the world as long as it has 2G GSM cellular reception.

The device is water resistant and also comes with a silicon cover for added protection.

Trackimo is priced at $199.95 – discounted from $399.95 – and can be used for free for the first 12 months with no contracts and no roaming costs but users will then be asked to pay $12.95 a month to continue global tracking.