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Sony’s new 4K TVs landing in Australia in July


sony4k5Sony will become the first company to introduce 55-inch and 65-inch 4K ultra high definition TV models when they land in Australia in July.

But pricing has yet to be decided for the Australian market despite the fact US prices have been set at $US5000 (55-inch) and $US7000 (65-inch).

Judging by those price comparisons, the Australian prices for the 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TVs could well be $6000 and $8000 respectively.

Sony will announce official pricing in late June.


These panels are aimed at bringing 4K technology, which has four times the resolution of a full high definition screen, within the reach of average consumers.

Sony’s first foray into the 4K world came late last year with the introduction of its 84-inch 4K XBR-84X900 which was priced at around $24,000.

The new Sony 4K TVs feature the proprietary XReality Pro image processor and Triluminos display technology that combine to produce stunning image quality and a wider range of rich and accurate colour.

The new Sony 4K TVs which will be available in Australia in July

Also on board are magnetic fluid front-facing speakers that will impress with their quality and audio range.

Connectivity is also a huge part of the story with integrated wi-fi giving viewers access to the most catch up TV services – ABC iView, Ten, SBS and PLUS7 – along with the widest range of movies on demand – Sony Video Unlimited, Quickflix, Yupp TV, Crackle, Mubi, Garage Entertainment and more plus music on demand – Sony Music Unlimited, Pandora, Moshcam, vTuner and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

The 55-inch and 65-inch Sony 4K TVs will also be bundled with eight Sony Pictures films on Blu-ray Disc which have been remastered in 4K.

Sony Picture movies will be released on Blu-ray Disc after being remastered in 4K

The movies are: Angels & Demons, Battle: Los Angeles, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid (2010), The Amazing Spider-Man, Spiderman, The Other Guys and Total Recall.

These discs were created especially for Sony 4K TV owners to take advantage of the built-in upscaling technology.

The Master in 4K movies were created from 4K masters, down converted to 2K (Full HD) and then unpacked from the disc in 4K using processing information stored in the XReality Pro Engine’s database.

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