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Samsung’s ultra high definition S9 TV – yours for $40,000


samsungces4Samsung has unveiled its Rolls Royce of televisions – the 85-inch Ultra High Definition S9 – and it’s all yours for a cool $40,000.

The luxurious S9 has four times the resolution of a regular full high definition TV at 3840 x 2160 and is framed in a gallery stand which also happens to house the TV’s speakers.

Samsung is realistic that the TV is not for everyone but says there are a number of customers lining up to purchase it.

Phil Newton, vice president of consumer electronics for Samsung Australia, says anyone who purchases the S9 will enjoy what he calls a “white glove service.”

This includes delivery, set-up, a tutorial and access to a special hotline for any inquiries theses premium S9 customers may have.

Mr Newton was also quick to point out the S9 Ultra High Definition TV – also known as 4K by other manufacturers – was also the only one you can keep up to date with the latest technologies.

The stunning Samsung S9 Ultra High Definition TV

While there is very little 4K content available, the S9 has upscaling capability to enhance full high definition to ultra high definition quality.

“Unlike any other 4K TV in the world, this TV keeps up with the standards,” he said.

“We have the ability, with the Evolution Kit to upgrade it every year for the next five years.”

The Evolution Kit will also be available to the rest of the 2013 Samsung Smart TV range.

The Samsung S9 TV comes with a gallery frame which also contains speakers

The “smarts” of the entire Samsung smart TV range include S Recommendations where the TV can learn your viewing habits and point the viewer towards similar shows that may like.

Another impressive feature of the range is the ability to talk to the TV and have it talk back to you – in an Australian accent.

Thanks to Macquarie University and their natural language processing breakthroughs, the new Samsung smart TVs can not only understand what we’re saying but also answer precise enquiries and commands.

The Samsung S9 Ultra High Definition TV will be released in June for $40,000 while the rest of the Samsung smart TV range will be available in stores in the coming weeks.

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