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Panasonic reveals 2014 home entertainment range of 4K and LED TVs


panaax8004k1Panasonic has unveiled its 2014 home entertainment range which includes new 4K Ultra High Definition TVs and Viera LED LCDs.

There are 22 models in the new Life+Screen TV models across 10 series so customers have more choice than ever before.

The new AX800 and AX900 are the new flagship models and are the latest Panasonic products in the 4K Ultra HD line-up.

And the new Viera televisions boast a range of new features including intelligent features, excellent picture quality and an all-new design.


The AX800 and AX900 combine ultra high-resolution picture quality, smart TV connectivity and refreshing new designs.

The AX800 LED 4K UHD TV will be available in 58-inch and 65-inch versions and has a new Processing Engine combined with next-generation image processing to create the ultimate picture quality.

Studio Master Colour is another technology employed by the screens to reproduce accurate colours at the right saturation and brightness levels.

The Panasonic AX800 4K Ultra High Definition TV

On the design side there has been a radical shift that takes into account the growing screen size and the fact that it needs to integrate subtly into a customer’s living space.

Materials used are mainly glass and metal with a floating design and a super slim bezel with the screen placed at a three-degree angle for optimum viewing.

The AX900 takes all the features of the AX800 and pools the Panasonic knowledge and resources from both plasma and LED and combines them in a panel that builds on the strength of both formats.

The result, with the addition of quad-core processing onboard, is the best picture quality achieved by Panasonic to date.

The AX800 will be priced at $5,999 (65-inch) and $4,399 (58-inch).


The Panasonic AS800, AS740, AS700, AS670, AS640, A430, AS610 and A400 models offer something for everyone but across the board they all share connectivity options for the modern household.

The new My Stream feature offers viewing options that go beyond traditional broadcast and aggregate content from other sources like YouTube, website bookmarks and your HDD (hard disk drive).

Life+ Screen also learns your viewing habits and can tag content that you’ll be interested in.

The interface has also been enhanced so it can be personalised with the user’s favourite content and apps more easily accessible.

The Panasonic AX800 4K Ultra High Definition TV has an all-new floating design

Content can also come from our mobile devices with Swipe & Share allowing Android and iOS devices to easily mirror their displays on the Panasonic screen.

Users can also share their photos, videos, music and web links easily to the TV to enjoy on the larger high quality screen.

The TV Anytime feature also makes it possible to view your favourite live shows on your mobile device from the Panasonic TV while you’re out.

Pricing for the AS800 is $3,299 (60-inch), $2,799 (55-inch). AS740 will be priced at $2,899 (60-inch), $2,299 (55-inch). AS700 $2,799 (60-inch), $2,199 (55-inch), $1,849 (50-inch), $1,399 (42-inch). AS670 $2,199 (55-inch). AS640 $2,299 (60-inch), $1,449 (50-inch), $1,049 (42-inch). AS610 $659 (32-inch). A430 $2,199 (60-inch), $1,349 (50-inch). A400 $899 (42-inch), $549 (32-inch), $389 (24-inch).

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