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BenQ’s affordable projectors offer a big picture at a small price


benqprojector2If you want to get that big screen cinema-like feel in your home without it costing the earth then take a look at the new projectors from BenQ.

There are two new models in the BenQ range – the W1070+ and W1080ST – that offer full high definition 1080p picture quality.

Tech Guide took a look at both of the projectors in action and were surprised at the quality of the colour, clarity and contrast from a product in this affordable price range.

The projected images were also still quite clear to watch during the day in a fairly bright room.

Customers who want to purchase a large LED screen will be paying several thousand dollars for the privilege.

But with a projector like these BenQ models, priced at $1,299 (W1070+) and $1,399 (W1080ST), you can get the bigger picture without the bigger price.

Both the W1070+ and the W1080ST have a brightness of 2200 lumens, with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and the ability to display more than a billion colours thanks to BenQ’s Colourific technology.

The projectors are also 3D-ready and only require a 3D Blu-ray movie and the purchase of BenQ’s 3D active shutter glasses priced at around $70 a pair. Unfortunately there are no 3D glasses included with the projector.

The BenQ W1070+ full high definition projector

The W1070+ can project an image up to 235-inches while the W1080ST can take things up to 300-inches.

Another difference of the W1080ST is the fact it is a short-throw home projector which means it is flexible to use and doesn’t need to be positioned too far from the screen.

In fact, when it’s sitting about 1.5m away from the screen, like on a coffee table, it can create a 100-inch image which is ideal to watch high definition movies or to play games.

Setting up the projectors is very simple and requires no technical installation experience.

Each projector is easy to focus and position with the W1070+ including keystone, lens shift and variable zoom to make it work in any room.

Also on board each of the projectors is a 10W speaker so all you need to connect is the Blu-ray Disc player or gaming console to get started.

It should be noted the projector doesn’t have a built-in TV tuner so to watch television you’ll need to purchase and attach a high definition set top box which only costs around $50 today.

Users can also link the projectors to a receiver and speaker system for a more realistic home theatre set-up.

The BenQ W1070+ and W1080ST projectors are available now and priced at $1,299 and $1,399 respectively.

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