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Tech Guide’s hands-on look at the iPad Pro


Tech Guide took a look at the new iPadPro and were stunned by the screen and the sheer size of the device. It dwarfs even the iPad Air 2 which isn’t small but is still just 6.9mm thick and the same weight as the original iPad released in 2010.

This device is Apple’s shot across the bow to Microsoft who have been making ground with the Surface Pro 3 and the way it can be used as a laptop or a tablet.

But the iPadPro doesn’t have a USB port, it doesn’t even have a USB-C port – the new interface introduced with the MacBook.

But what it does have is that whopping screen. It is 12.9-inch with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and 264ppi (pixels per inch).

Having a screen this size brings everything you do to a much grander scale.


On the work side it makes using apps even easier to use and will allow developers a chance to create new apps that take real advantage of that added screen real estate.

It’s also handy with the new iOS 9 multi-tasking feature where you can run two apps side by side.

The iPad Pro screen’s wide is 2048 pixels which happens to be the same pixel count down the length of the iPad Air 2’s screen.

That means an app can scale easily on the iPad Pro when it is running two apps side by side.


Viewing content is a whole lot better was well. There are also four speakers – two on the top and two on the bottom – with a stereo audio output that automatically adjusts depending on how you hold or position the device.

We watched scenes from Mad Max Fury Road on the device and the audio was surprisingly good and screen, of course, looked amazing.

But it’s the new accessories that will make the iPad Pro even more useful.


The first is a smart keyboard case that attaches to a new magnetic connector that relays data and power.

It is made from a special woven material and features the same dome switch under the keys that was introduced with the MacBook.

We had a chance to type on the keyboard and it was very smooth and responsive and as good as typing on a real keyboard.


The other accessory is Apple Pencil which will only work with the iPad Pro for users to draw, sketch and paint on the screen smoothly and easily.

The responsiveness was instant and was like writing on paper with a pen.


The Apple Pencil also provides a different outcome depending on how hard you press the pen on the screen.

And, like a real pencil, tilting the nib allows users to shade as well.

Is bigger better? Not everyone is going to like the iPad Pro – it’s huge.

We think the iPad Pro will appeal to professionals and for those who don’t want to compromise their content viewing experience on the go.


One thing that will keep people away will be the price. While Australian pricing hasn’t been released yet, the price in the US starts at $US799 which means the entry level model will be more than $1000 in Australia.

Blame it on our weaker dollar.

But overall the iPad Pro is an impressive product and will be a hit with users who live by the creed “go big or go home”.