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SkyHawk 9600 ultra high powered binoculars gets you 40x closer


It’s part telescope and part binoculars and the results are amazing. The SkyHawk ultra high powered binoculars can bring you up to 40 times closer to whatever you’re looking at whether it’s your view or the craters of the moon.

Available for the first time in Australia, the SkyHawk 9600 offers powerful magnification with clear long-distance views of land, sea and space.

The product isn’t small – or cheap. They are priced at $3,499.

What makes up the bulk of that cost are the precision optics onboard which is what delivers those incredible magnifications and, unlike a regular telescope, there are two barrels – not one.


There are also two eye-pieces – one that offers 25x magnification and another that brings an amazing 40x magnification.

Those two eye-pieces also means you’re looking through both of your eyes rather than with one eye closed like you would with a traditional telescope.

The SkyHawk 9600 ultra high powered binoculars are quite large and heavy so don’t think you’re just going to hoist them up to your eyes like a regular pair of binoculars.

That’s why the SkyHawk 9600 comes with a tripod and a stainless steel wheel set that will not only keep them steady but also makes it easy to move it around inside or outside.


The eye-pieces are angled at 45 degrees which provides comfortable viewing so whether you’re a bird watcher, whale watcher, nature lover or you have a great view from your home that you’d like to explore even further.

Star gazers will also be impressed with the SkyHawk 9600 with enough magnification to see the moon in incredible detail and bring the stars and planets closer than ever before.

It comes with an aluminium carry case so you can easily take them with to your favourite holiday spots and areas of natural beauty.


We used the SkyHawk 9600 when there was a full moon and we could see individual craters and amazing detail of the surface.

There are 100mm lenses on the front with a focal length of 500mm and K-9 combo prism.

The field of view with the 25x lens is 44m at 1000m while the 40x lens provides 26m at 1000m.

It is easy to bring objects into the frame and focus and the fluid head of the tripod makes it easy to pan and tilt the SkyHawk as well.

You can even take pictures through the binoculars using the included smartphone adaptor that can fit devices that are up to 8.9cm wide.


It lines up your device’s camera with one of the eyepieces so you can capture pictures and videos of what you’re looking at through the lens.

Aerosmith lead singer and rock legend Steven Tyler purchased four Skyhawks for his homes in California and Hawaii and even gave one to good friend Johnny Depp.

Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno is also a SkyHawk fan.

The SkyHawk 9600 comes with an aluminium carry case, a professional tripod and fluid pan head, stainless steel swivelling wheel set, the smartphone adaptor, a lens cleaning kit and a complete set of lens covers.

The SkyHawk 9600 is available now from and is priced at $3,499.