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Secure your devices and valuables with Kensington’s SecureTrek bag range


We carry our computers and other devices in our bags when we’re travelling or commuting but three quarters of people, according to a study by Kensington, take no precautions to secure them.

There are plenty of victims with research showing 35 per cent of business travellers’ have had a bag stolen.

Kensington, the market leader when it comes to physical device security, has extended its security expertise to its range of bags and backpacks called SecureTrek.

These stylish bags can not only secure the contents but can also be anchored to a fixed object to deter thieves trying to walk off with it.

Criminals actively seek out victims and assess the value of their target based on the size of their bag and how easily they can make off with it.


What Kensington offers with SecureTrek is peace of mind knowing the valuable items are secured with a lock base.

Here four hammerhead zipper pulls fit into the slots under a hinged steel door giving you solid protection for your files, devices and other personal property.

The SecureTrek’s lock base

And you can also use the Kensington portable laptop lock, which inserts into the lock base, to then anchor it to a fixed object like the leg of a table or a post.

The lock base cab be secured with a padlock and all with a Kensington lock to secure it to a fixed point

There’s even an anti-puncture zipper on the device compartment which can resist being cut open with a sharp object.

The Kensington SecureTrek bags also provide protection for the devices inside with generous padding for laptops and tablets.

There’s also plenty of space for file, chargers, accessories and other personal items like a change of clothes for an overnight trip.

The Kensington SecureTrek 15-inch laptop shoulder bag

The SecureTrek bags are available in various sizes including a 15-inch laptop shoulder bag ($149.95), a 15-inch laptop backpack ($149.95), a 17-inch laptop backpack ($199.95) and a 17-inch laptop roller bag ($229.95).

All of these bags, including the larger 17-inch laptop roller bag, can be carried aboard an aircraft and will easily fit in the overhead lockers.

The Kensington SecureTrek 15-inch laptop backpack

Each of the backpacks and shoulder bags also have a pass through so they can fit around the handle of a larger roller bag.

These bags can be secured with the Kensington portable laptop lock ($44.95) and the Kensington MicroSaver retractable laptop lock ($49.95).

The Kensington SecureTrek 17-inch laptop roller bag
The Kensington SecureTrek 17-inch laptop roller bag