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LG G2 smartphone review


lgg2hands3LG’s latest G2 smartphone is the result of the company thinking outside the box and delivering an innovative new design and concept.

There’s not a lot you can do to a smartphone except change the size of the screen of the thickness of the device itself.

But LG has really taken the time to rethink the way we use our mobile device.

And in doing so it has positioned the buttons on the back of the Android-powered G2 – where we normally place our finger when we hold the device anyway.

On top of that there are also a host of intelligent new features that make using the G2 easier and more enjoyable.


The decision to relocate the on/off/lock key along with the volume keys to the rear panel of the device was ingenious.

Not only are there no keys on the outside of the device you also now have complete and easier control of the G2 with one hand.


Trying to adjust controls on the side of a smartphone can often only be done by bringing your other hand into play.

And that means stopping and putting down whatever else you’re carrying or holding in that other hand.

But the other added benefit of this is the fact that with no buttons on the edges of the product, LG is able to fit a larger screen into a regular space.

The LG G2 has a 5.2-inch display

Most users will be surprised to know the screen is actually 5.2-inches yet is the same size as other devices with screens 5-inches and smaller.

There are no buttons on the outside edges of the G2 – the only thing you’ll find there is the SIM card tray on the right edge and the microUSB charge/sync port on the bottom next to the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The G2 has nice rounded edges to make it sit comfortably in either hand.

All of the buttons on the LG G2 are on the rear panel

On the rear panel are the buttons we’d normally find on the sides below the 13 megapixel camera and flash.

With the buttons on the centre of the back panel they are still easy to locate and use with the finger you use to support the device anyway.

For our LG G2 review it did take a little time to get used to the concept of rear-mounted buttons as well as getting oriented to layout.

There were a few times when we hit the volume up key when we were going to for the main key.

But like using a keyboard, it doesn’t take long to know where all the keys are so getting our heads around just three keys was pretty easy.

The SlideAside feature of the LG G2

In term of looks, the LG is not as sleek as other smartphones on the market like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple’s iPhone 5S.

It is 8.9mm thick and weighs 142g. By comparison the Galaxy S4 is 7.9mm thick and weighs 130 while the iPhone is 7.6mm and weighs 112g.

This is probably due to having the buttons on the rear of the device but it does only mean an extra 1mm of thickness when it is side-by-side with the Galaxy S4.


The other major string to the G2’s bow is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.9Ghz quad core processor which is blazingly fast.

The G2 offers the performance you’ve come to expect from a computer rather than a smartphone.

As a result the G2 is slick and fast with apps opening up instantly along with smooth scrolling and effortless movement between pages.

There are a lot of additional software layers to the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system and it’s a good thing the beefed up processor can easily handle it.

This responsiveness combined with the 4G/LTE connectivity means fast should be the G2’s middle name.

The 5.2-inch full high definition display has 423ppi (pixels per inch) and looks impressively sharp and clear.

New features designed for users to make their smartphone usage even easier and simpler include KnockOn, QSlide, SlideAside and QuickRemote.

The QSlide feature of the LG G2 lets you run two apps at the same time

KnockOn makes it possible to sleep and wake the G2 just by double tapping the screen. No need to go near the power key. This is handy if the G2 is resting on a surface because that power key is now on the bottom.

QSlide lets you use two different apps on the same screen with users able to control the size and transparency of the second window. It’s just another way of making multitasking easier.

Speaking of multitasking, the SlideAside feature is one of the favourites we found in our G2 review and it allows you to quickly switch between up to three open apps at the same time.

You just swipe and tap to instantly move from one app to the others and back again.

The G2 can also replace your remote controls with QuickRemote. The device has a built in IR (infrared) emitter and the ability to operate your TV, DVD and Blu-ray player, set-top-box, PVR (personal video recorder) and even the air conditioner.

The onboard 13-megapixel camera is a practical and high-quality shooter for stills and full high definition videos and includes a number of modes to make your snaps and movies look great.

QuickRemote feature on the LG G2 can control your TV and entertainment devices

It also has two-axis optical image stabilisation to remove the shakes from your pictures and videos.

LG’s G2 manages to fit in a 3000mAh battery thanks to an all-new step design battery to make use of every possible amount of space inside the chassis.

The result is one of the best battery performances of any smartphone we’ve reviewed.

The G2 can power through a full day with plenty of juice left in the tank – an attractive feature for power users who are often left with a drained device by late afternoon.


LGs G2 can easily match – and in many areas exceed – other highly fancied smartphones on the market.

The LG G2 smartphone will blow you away with its performance, impress you with its fresh new design and make life easier with its practical features.

If you are looking to buy your first smartphone or are coming off contract with an old one – the LG G2 definitely deserves your consideration.


Price: $699

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