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Lifeproof releases waterproof case for the iPhone 6


Lifeproof has released its first waterproof for Apple’s new iPhone 6 to allow users to enjoy their summer without worrying about damaging their device.

The Lifeproof frē is available in white/grey and black and seals the iPhone to make it waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and even snowproof.

The case offers military grade protection to save the device from damage if you drop it – a mishap that’s the number one cause of device damage and often results in a smashed screen.

The Lifeproof case can handle drops from a height of up to two metres.


It also has a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches while still offering easy interaction with the touchscreen and all of the buttons on the iPhone 6.

In the water the case is submergible to a depth of two metres for up to an hour so there is no worry about an accidental spill or a compete dunk in the water.

The Lifeproof frē case also makes it possible to use the Touch ID fingerprint reader on the home button while the iPhone is safely nestled inside.


There’s also an AR coated optical glass lens so you can still take excellent pictures while the iPhone 6 is inside the case.

And being so light and thin, the case doesn’t add much bulk to the device.

The Lifeproof frē case is available now and is priced at $89.95.


Cases for the larger iPhone 6 Plus will be released in the coming months.