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KEF’s new high-end Reference speakers and the pursuit of sound perfection


If there’s one thing about audiophiles it’s that they are seeking audio perfection and are more than willing to pay for it. And for this reason the high end speaker market is alive and well.

KEF is one of the leading loudspeaker companies that has been at the forefront of audio design and innovation.

Founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE, the company was headquartered on the site of the Kent Engineering and Foundry – this is where the KEF name comes from.

In those early days, Cooke was experimenting with new materials and techniques to improve the acoustic quality in a bid to reproduce recordings that sounded as good as the original performance.

In fact, the term “high fidelity” means faithful to the original.

Over the years it has been the Blade and Reference speakers that have established KEF as an industry leader.

What makes them so special is they way they can communicate the artistry of the recording to the listener.

KEF has just released its latest Reference speakers that have been handcrafted with new materials and landmark innovation to make you think the artist is in the same room with you.

The new KEF Reference range
The new KEF Reference range

The new KEF range is Reference 1, Reference 3 and Reference 5 priced at $15,799, $23,999 and $28,999 per pair respectively.

Each has a smooth and balanced frequency response with low distortion and good timing response.

And with KEF’s meticulous production – the company designs and makes its own drivers – the sound comes from the speaker and not from the cabinet.

Tech Guide had a chance to listen to the speakers and was amazed at the pure sound quality they created.

The KEF Reference Series are available in a range of luxury finishes – deep piano black, satin American walnut and luxury gloss rosewood with the Reference 3 and 5 also available in blue ice white and copper black aluminium.

KEF Reference 1
KEF Reference 1

KEF REFERENCE 1 – $15,799 a pair

The Reference 1 loudspeakers might be small in size but they are big on sound.

They contain a 125mm (5-inch) MF/HF Uni-Q driver array with new 165mm (6.5-inch) alloy cone bass driver.

The speakers can be mounted on shelves or stands built to suit individual home theatre arrangements.

KEF Reference 3
KEF Reference 3

KEF REFERENCE 3 – $23,999 a pair

The KEF Reference 3 floor-standing speakers are powerful performers.

They have two 165mm (6.5-inch) bass drivers positioned above and below KEF’s latest 125mm (5-inch) MF/HF Uni-Q driver array and boasts impressive fidelity across the mid-range and treble with seamless transitions

There is also a broad inclusive dispersion so the speakers sound great for everyone in the room.

KEF Reference 5
KEF Reference 5

KEF REFERENCE 5 – $28,999 a pair

Moving up to the KEF Reference 5 speakers, listeners will be bathed in incredible sound.

The three-way loudspeakers are tall and align four powerful 165mm (6.5-inch) bass drivers to produce lows with accuracy and control.

Whether you’re watching a film or listening to music, the KEF Reference 5 speakers provide every intricate audio detail to enjoy the full power and emotion of the performance.