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Samsung’s new Navibot S robot vacuum cleaner


navibotthumbVacuuming isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite chore but Samsung’s new Navibot S – a robot vacuum cleaner – can take that task completely off your hands.

Samsung’s latest version of the product, the Navibot S SR8980, has a number of improvements over its predecessor.

These enhancements include more visual mapping systems, proximity sensors, a slimmer design and also new dust sensing features.

One of the SR8980’s standout features is the Auto Dust Emptying function.

This new top-of-the-line model will return to the charge base when it senses its onboard dust container is nearly full.

When it docks itself again, the device will not only empty its dust container into the charge base’s two litre bin, it will also recharge and also clean its front brushes to remove pet hair and other dirt clinging to the bristles.

To navigate the carpets in your home the Navibot S uses an onboard camera and infrared sensors.


The Samsung Navibot S can take over the vacuuming duties in your home


The camera captures 15 frames per second and tracks the shape of the ceiling to assist the sensors at the front and sides of the device to cover every possible accessible area of your carpet.

It can also avoid obstacles and also has a “cliff” sensor so the Navibot S won’t fall off edges or down stairs.

Included with the Navibot S are two virtual guards that create an invisible fence that the robot vacuum cleaner won’t cross in case the owner wants to prevent the device entering certain rooms and areas of the house.

And the intelligent device can also memorise its cleaning path to keep track of where it’s cleaned and also return to the exact spot where it left off to recharge or empty its dust container.

The Navibot S SR8980 has a charge station which also doubles as an automatic dust collection system

The slimmer design, it’s just 8cm tall, means the Navibot S can clean under beds and sofas – areas where people never clean with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Also on board is the dust sensor so the device can recognise excess dust and debris in an area of the carpet and alter its program to concentrate on that zone.

The Navibot S SR8980 is available now and is priced at $1,299. Samsung also has the cheaper SR8950 which is priced at $1,099 and doesn’t include the Auto Dust Emptying feature.

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