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Apple Vision Pro review – the future has arrived. It’s a game-changing experience


Apple’s Vision Pro is one of the most advanced products we’ve ever seen. Apple has created an all-new way to work, play, communicate and consume content as only Apple could. The Vision Pro is exciting – but it is the product’s potential that has us even more excited. This is a true game changer.

The future has arrived. Apple’s Vision Pro is one of the most impressive pieces of technology we’ve seen in recent years and it paves the way for a whole new computing experience now and well into the future.

Apple has rightly not called the Vision Pro an VR or AR headset – it is all of that and so much more so it deserves not to be pigeon-holed.

We’ve seen many other headsets on the market in the past but none of them have the level of innovation and technology of the Vision Pro.

Customers have to remember this is a stand-alone spatial computer – powered by an M2 chip (8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine) and a new R1 chip which processes inputs from the onboard cameras and sensors – which can operate on its own even without a phone or laptop nearby.

Naturally, Apple has made Vision Pro fit into its excellent ecosystem so Apple customers already inside the walled garden can enjoy all-new experiences.

And like all of Apple’s other products, the quality, design and finish of the Vision Pro will amaze customers along with the countless other touches that are sure to surprise and delight them.


The Vision Pro has a sleek design that offers the typical high quality you would come to expect from Apple.

It is not a one size fits all product with customers who order the device are required to scan their faces to ensure they have the right size strap and light seal included with the unit.

The Vision Pro has numerous cameras and sensors which are used to allow customers to see their surroundings quite clearly but also to pick up their gestures and movements.

There is a little bit of weight (600-650g depending on the light seal and band you’re using) to the Vision Pro but in the week we’ve been using it we were able to fit it comfortably and securely and use it for hours at a time.

The weight is all in the front – you are literally wearing a computer on your face – but the included straps still provide a balanced and comfortable fit.

We used the main Solo Knit wide band that allowed us to keep everything in place comfortably, but Apple also includes a second Dual Loop band that goes over your head for those who need a little bit of help taking the weight.

When you slip on the Vision Pro, there is a small Fit Dial on the right side to offer a tighter fit or to loosen it.

The battery pack is separate and connects to Vision Pro with their proprietary cable that locks into position.

There is a bit of weight to the battery and users need to be careful that it doesn’t fall out of your hand or your pocket and possibly drag the Vision Pro to the ground with it.

We were constantly mindful to have the battery pack in our back pocket or in our lap but also had to remind ourselves to ensure it was close to us when we stood up or moved around the room.

We found the battery lasted about two to two and a half hours on a full charge but we were able to connect it to power on the included USB-C port so we could work, play and enjoy our content for hours at a time.

The light seal attaches magnetically to Vision Pro and blocks out the light while providing a soft cushion for your face.

The Solo Knit band also has cushioning and can stretch to fit around the back of your head.


If you wear glasses, you can either obtain a reader or prescription eyepieces (at additional cost) that attach magnetically inside Vision Pro to replicate the level of correction that your glasses would normally offer.

For our review we had two Zeiss eyepieces that matched our reading glasses prescription and that made viewing vision pro razor sharp and crystal clear.

Inside the Vision Pro are two screens and each have resolution that’s greater than the 4K TV you’re watching in your lounge room.


The Vision Pro is not just a toy or a novelty device. This is a product that can be used to work, for productivity, for education, to enjoy apps, play games, watch sport, stream content and much more.


The Vision Pro uses eye tracking for you to navigate the system.

You simply look at an object to highlight it and gently tap your finger and thumb together to create your virtual mouse click.

The real strength of the device is the fact that there are no complicated controllers that you need to hold and learn.

Unlike other virtual reality headsets, Vision Pro takes no time to learn how to use.

It’s easy to arrange and resize windows as well as opening apps and closing them – it’s literally a glance that’s all that’s required.


There are already more than 2,000 apps designed for Vision Pro ranging from productivity tools, games, utilities and entertainment – and they all utilise the unique environment that Vision Pro creates.

And there are millions of iPhone and iPad apps that can also be enjoyed on Vision Pro including many games said utilities and other popular apps like browsers, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, TikTok, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Word and much more.

Apps and windows float magically in your physical space – you can even stand up and walk up to it and around it. If you open a window in one part of the house and walk to another room – that other window will still be there when you get back.

Yosemite in Vision Pro


The main area that arranges your apps has three options to the left – Apps, People and Environments.

In the environments section users have the choice to transport themselves to various exotic locations including Joshua tree, a Hawaiian volcano, a beautiful white sandy desert, Yosemite national park, Mount Hood and even the moon.

Each of these environments has its own characteristics and audio that truly transport you to that place.

These environments can also be used as a backdrop for your app windows and Facetime calls with the digital crown offering the ability to wind them up or down depending on the level of immersion you want.


Apple’s Vision Pro is definitely a work and productivity tool that can help you focus on the task at hand and offer even more screen real estate to spread out your work.

There are a lot of native apps including Keynote that allows users to stay productive.

Keynote for Vision Pro is a remarkable tool that not only helps you create your presentation in the same easy and dynamic way that you would on your Mac but also allows you to rehearse your presentation in a remarkable way.

Users can choose to stand on the stage at the Steve Jobs theatre to rehearse their presentation – the same spot where Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off his keynote presentations.

And you are totally immersed in the environment which includes not only the hundreds of seats in front of you but, if you look behind you, you’ll see your presentation on the big screen as well as your presenter notes in front of you.

Users can also choose to rehearse in a boardroom setting. This is just one example of how Vision Pro can add a whole new dimension to your workflow.

One of our favourite features of Vision Pro is the ability to connect it to our MacBook and use it as our display.

All you need to do is look at your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and see the Connect option appear.

Rehearse your Keynote presentation in the Steve Jobs Theatre

Once selected the screen on the laptop goes blank and you are suddenly presented with a stunning 5K display that you can resize and reposition right in front of you.

You can still use the keyboard and trackpad and a connected mouse for your input and control but you now have a dazzling display that only you can see.

This is useful to not only stay focused on your project but also to provide added privacy if you are working on a sensitive project.


Viewing content on the Apple Vision Pro is an experience like no other.

Whether it’s streaming a movie, watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show or catching up on a live game the Vision Pro is nothing short of incredible.

Apple TV+ and Disney+ have Vision Pro versions of their apps so viewers can watch the latest movies and TV shows on the equivalent of a huge screen. Interestingly Netflix and YouTube native apps are not yet available on Vision Pro, but you can still watch their content on the included Safari browser.

Vision Pro is like having a portable home theatre.

Now I have gone to great lengths and considerable cost to create a theatre in my house which offers the best possible audio visual experience.

The Vision Pro viewing offers incredible picture and audio quality and is not too far behind our dedicated home theatre in terms of providing an exciting viewing experience.

But the Vision Pro is a solo device whereas my home theatre has several seats for many people to enjoy the movie.

But watching a regular TV screen means having to sit up and look towards the screen.

With Vision Pro the screen moves with you wherever you are looking or moving your head so it would be possible to recline in a comfortable chair or even lay down in bed to watch your content.

But Vision Pro does have the ability for SharePlay so connected Vision Pro users can watch the same movie or TV show on Apple TV at the same time.

Users can choose to be sitting in the front row middle or back of the theatre.

Disney+ also has backdrop options to give users the impression they are at a unique drive-in cinema.

Our favourite Disney+ backdrop was the Star Wars location Tatooine.


The Vision Pro can offer users total immersion and Apple TV has just the content to deliver that experience with its Apple Immersive videos.

These are more than just watching a large screen in front of you – these videos take you inside the world you’re watching whether it’s a mountain climber, sitting beside Alicia Keys at a piano, on an African safari, courtside at a basketball match, behind the net at the football or on the field during an American football match.

The potential is huge for major sports to create an all new way to watch the games as if you are sitting courtside or behind the net or on the sideline.

If I could watch live sport like this every week, shut up and take my money right now!

The NBA has developed an app that allows users to watch multiple games at the same time and choose which game they would prefer on the largest central screen.

The PGA Tour has also created a remarkable app that allows you to track tournaments hole by hole and even present 3D augmented reality versions of each hole that you are able to view in real time. This is simply stunning.


Vision Pro also has the potential to start a 3D revival.

Yes, that’s right. You can watch movies in 3D on Apple TV+ and on Disney+ as part of your subscription.

And there are plenty of titles to choose from including the latest Avatar film and 3D versions of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including Dune and the latest Star Wars films.


Vision Pro is a gamer’s paradise with so many apps built specifically for the device but also countless others which can also be enjoyed in an all-new way.

There’s AirDraw that allows you to paint with your fingers in your own open space.

Super Fruit Ninja, the popular Australian made game, which uses the gesture controls to start slicing away at the virtual fruit appearing in front of you.

If you’re a fan of racing games, there are plenty to choose from and you can even pair an Xbox or PlayStation controller so you can enjoy the massive screen inside Vision Pro and the physical controls in your hands.


There are several apps that can add digital content to your own personal space including JigSpace (another Australian app) which allows you to place 3D objects like jet engines and Formula One cars right in front of you and even take them apart.

Another favourite was Exploring Mars Which placed the Mars Rover right in front of us and allowed us to watch it operate and choose its size before our eyes.

We also loved Sky Guide which allowed us to gaze virtually at the night sky and zoom in on various constellations to explore and learn more about the universe.

And there are many more and there will be many more in the future.


Making a Facetime call with the Vision Pro is one of best things we experienced.

You can connect with other Vision Pro users and talk to each other like you’re in the same room sitting at a table.

It is infinitely better than a video call.

So how can you be seen on Facetime with the Vision Pro – there’s no camera on you and you’re wearing a headset.

You’re seen through your Persona – a 3D rendering of your face and hands that can mimic your actions and expressions and provide a realistic version of you.

We tried a Facetime call with Trevor Long and Kane Vato who had also created Personas for their Vision Pro and it was as close to seeing them in person you can get without actually meeting.

And once you turn on the spatial settings the sound when they are talking is coming from the direction you can see them – just like you would in their presence.

You can set backgrounds for the chat, share your own view and even enjoy SharePlay together so you can watch the same TV show and movie like you’re all in the same room.

This is truly one of the most impressive communications experiences we’ve had since the launch of Facetime.


The Vision Pro is actually a 3D camera you can use it to capture spatial photos and spatial videos that are so lifelike it’s like revisiting a moment in time when you watch it. It’s like you’re there again.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can also capture spatial videos so they can be viewed in 3D on Vision Pro and Canon and BlackMagic Design also have plans to release cameras and lenses to create Spatial content.

This is an all-new way of creating and reliving those precious moments in your life.


The Vision Pro is an ideal travel companion that allows you to watch content and use apps like never before.

There is a travel mode onboard Vision Pro to ensure all the windows you open stay with you rather than being left behind because the plane is travelling at high speed.

In travel mode it locates your windows relative to the Vision Pro rather than in your location when using it in your home.

The ability to enjoy your huge personal cinema in comfort and privacy makes Vision Pro a great device to take with you on your travels.


The one thing that could be better with Vision Pro is the battery.

It’s tethered to the Vision Pro with a proprietary cable and something you must remember to keep in your pocket or close to you.

If you drop it, it could lead to an accident that could drag the Vision Pro to the floor.

We can understand Apple wanting to keep the battery pack separate to the actual Vision Pro to reduce the weight of the product.

Other brands have located the battery at the back of the headband which balances the weight and keeps everything in one place in a compact package.

Battery life could also be better using it steadily for an hour and a half to two hours could easily bring you below 20 per cent.

Vision Pro does come with a charger and a USB-C cable to allow users to keep it plugged in so they can use it for hours on end.


OK, let’s talk about the price.

The Vision Pro starts at $5,999 which means it’s not going to be within the reach of most regular customers.

We can understand brand new technology comes at a high cost.

We’ve seen this in the past and notice prices come down in the years that follow.

But you must remember, the Vision Pro is a standalone spatial computer and a powerful one at that.

It offers incredible power and performance which goes a long way to giving users a memorable experience every time they put it on.

There are many customers who are avid gamers who wouldn’t bet an eyelid paying thousands of dollars to ensure top level performance and low lag when it comes to playing the latest games.

By that logic, Vision Pro should attract the customer who wants not only an excellent gaming device but a device that provides the ultimate productivity tools and a stunning way to view their content.


Apple’s Vision Pro is one of the most advanced products we’ve ever seen. Apple has created an all-new way to work, play, communicate and consume content as only Apple could. The Vision Pro is exciting – but it is the product’s potential that has us even more excited. This is a true game changer.

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