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Phorus wireless Play-Fi multiroom audio system review


phorus5Phorus, a division of DTS (Digital Theatre Systems), knows a thing or to about audio and has brought that knowledge to a new wireless speaker system.

The PS1 speaker can connect wirelessly to your home network to stream music from your Android smartphone or tablet with the Play-Fi app.

Also available from Phorus is the PR1 receiver which can add wireless connectivity to your existing stereo system.

The PS1 has the power and quality to easy fill a room and, with a few additional PS1 speakers, can fill your entire home.

The Phorus PS1 speaker is a wireless audio system that can be controlled with an Android app

The device can be controlled wirelessly through the Android Phorus app so users can navigate their music and choose any or all of the speakers to play together or individually.

The Phorus system operates in a similar fashion to the popular Sonos system that is slightly more expensive but offers the same multi-room capability.

One advantage with Sonos is the support for both Android and IOS apps for smartphones and tablets while Phorus supports only Android.

But the Phorus PS1 also has Bluetooth onboard for those who want to wirelessly connect any device and operate it without the need of an app.

Quality with Bluetooth is below that of wi-fi but does make it possible to link even more devices in this way.

The Phorus PS1 speaker can also charge our device while it's sitting in the cradle

The Phorus PS1 speaker itself is shaped like an upside down cone with a large scoop taken out of the front to allow a tablet or smartphone to rest securely on top of it.

It is 14cm high and 21.1cm wide and 15.8cm deep and has onboard a dual-core digital processor, 2 neodymium transducers, dual Class D digital amplifiers along with 802.11n wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

On the back is a USB port that can be used to charge your device while it’s resting in the speaker’s cradle.

The Phorus PR1 is a flat oval-shaped device (28cm wide x 21.1cm long) that acts as a bridge from your wireless Android device to the system it is physically connected to with a line-in or RCA connector.

The Android Phorus Play-Fi app which can control your music and one or several wireless PS1 speakers

Sources can also be connected with a cable to allow the music to flow through the PR1 to the audio system.

Set-up was simple using the Play-Fi app. The devices were detected quickly and linked simply by entering your network’s password.

The app become not only your remote control but also controls where your audio comes from whether it’s music on your device, content stored on a network server, a supported music service or internet radio.

Unfortunately the supported music services don’t include popular streaming services like Spotify or Rdio yet buy hopefully they will come soon.

The Phorus PR1 revceiver can add wireless connectivity to your existing stereo system

Already on board is support for Pandora, QQMusic and KKBOX. Internet radio opens up your choices to not only local stations but stations from around the world.

Sound quality on the PS1 was solid at all levels with crisp mid and high range and decent bass to back it up and complete the picture.

It can easily fill a large room with sound and, even at high volume, played clearly without distortion.

The Phorus system – either with the PS1 speaker or the PR1 receiver or both together – is a scalable audio solution that offers impressive audio quality and wireless convenience.

The Phorus PS1 speaker is priced at $299.95 while the Phorus PR1 receiver is $249.95.

Phorus Wi-FI system

Price: Phorus PS1 speaker ($299.95); Phorus PR1 receiver ($249.95)

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