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Qantas Windows Phone app takes stress out of travel


qantaswindowsthumbQantas has released an innovative new app exclusively for Windows Phone which can take the stress out of your travel experience.

The free app takes advantage of the Live Tile feature of the Windows Phone and allows viewers to check the status of their flight at a glance.

Passengers can pin the app to their start screen as well as individual flights so users can see information about their flight without the need to open and load the app.

It can tell you if the flight is on time or running late and even tell you when check-in commences

But that is only part of what the Qantas Windows Phone app can do.

The Qantas Windows Phone app provides real time flight information

The app gets to work even before you arrive at the airport.

It can work out your current GPS position, estimate your travel time to the airport and give the user an alert when it’s time to leave to make their flight.

Qantas app for Windows Phone can also be your boarding pass for domestic flights so passengers can head straight to the gate.

The Qantas Windows Phone app's live tile provides information at a glance without the need to open and load the app

“The Qantas app for Windows Phone offers our customers another platform for making their travel experience even simpler,” says John Lonergan, Head of Qantas Direct.

“The app keeps track of flight itineraries, sends check-in reminders and provides real-time flight updates. 

The Qantas Windows Phone app is also your boarding pass

“For travel within Australia it even stores mobile boarding passes.  Windows Phone offers great functionality and we are excited to be launching an app for this platform.”

The Qantas app can be downloaded from the Marketplace tile on a Windows Phone smartphone.

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