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GolfSense appcessory is your own personal swing coach


golfsensethumbThere are plenty of golf gadgets out there to improve your game but an excellent “appcessory” called GolfSense from iWorld Australia is like having a golf pro in your pocket.

GolfSense combines a 3D sensor and an iPhone/iPad app to accurately plot and examine the many moving parts of your golf swing.

Users simply wear the 3D sensor on their golf glove and pair it via Bluetooth to the device which is running the app.

Then choose your club and have a swing and it’s like you’ve got a qualified golfing professional telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong.

The app takes apart your swing like it’s a Swiss watch and check out things like your swing path, swing plane, tempo and timing and even your club head speed.

This sort of information is usually obtainable at a high-end golf shop when you’re being fitted for a set of clubs and, even then, it still couldn’t match GolfSense.

The GolfSense 3D sensor weighs just 17g and attached to your glove and links to the iPhone or iPad app via Bluetooth

Usually a pro can take a look at your swing and tell you what you’re doing wrong and attempt to make the changes necessary.

The pro often has a video camera to film your swing from the side and from behind to point out some of your bad habits.

The GolfSense iPhone app can plot your swing path and suggest ways to improve it

But with GolfSense all of this is achieved and more.

Being able to see what’s wrong with your swing is extremely helpful for any golfer.

Often players don’t believe anything is wrong until they can see it plainly pointed out to them.

When the GolfSense app captures the information recorded from the 3D sensor during your swing, it can play back your swing a number of ways using a lifelike animation.

The path of the club head is plotted in a line so it’s easy to follow the path from take away, through the backswing, the downswing and all the way through the ball to the follow through.

Players can view it all at once, just their backswing and just the downswing from the side and from behind.

What we loved was the way the app allowed users to compare their swing to that of another user or a golf professional to see how you stack up.

The information gathered by GolfSense is ideal for players of all skill levels and can be shown to your pro so they can check your progress.

When we were using GolfSense, we noticed we were coming from outside the swing plane on our downswing. This was something we didn’t detect ourselves but was something that became bleedingly obvious when we saw our swing plane in the app.

With the optional spoken feedback from the app after each swing quickly told us how we were faring and then confirmed when we successfully made the adjustment.

GolfSense can be used anywhere – at home, at the range or on the course and is an excellent tool to improve your game and hopefully shave a few shots off your score.

The GolfSense App could be a little more intuitive but that is only a minor criticism of the entire package.

The 3D sensor itself only weighs 17g so players will soon forget it is even attached to their glove.

Golfers who are keen to improve (and let’s face it, which golfer isn’t?) then GolfSense scores a hole in one.

The GolfSense app on the iPad can look at all aspects of your golf swing

It is the ideal tool whether you’re a beginner or a pro. All you need is a desire to improve and GolfSense provides the tools to give you the best chance of doing just that.

GolfSense 3D Sensor and iPhone/iPad app

Price: $199

Four and a half stars (out of five)

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