Modern technology gives us many things.

With Lenzcase you’ll never forget your glasses ever again


We rarely go anywhere without our smartphones but how many times have you left your reading glasses behind. This was a question an Australian couple asked before coming up with Lenzcase.

Lenzcase combines an iPhone 6 case with a spring loaded back-up set of reading glasses on the back so you’re never caught out again.

One out of every four Australians and Americans are burdened with having to remember to carry reading glasses even when it’s just to read a menu, wine label, receipt, your phone, a boarding pass and other dimly lit obscure writing for a few seconds.

With Lenzcase, your back-ups glasses are secretly tucked in your iPhone case.


When you need them, the spring-loaded action snaps the readers out instantly for those short times when you need to read something.

Every case will ship with four different dioptre strength readers to cover the needs of users.

It’s also useful for those times when you don’t want to carry a separate glasses case – men who only have their pockets for storage and women carrying just a small clutch.

That’s how husband and wife team Steve and Cheryl-Anne Grealy came up with the idea.

Steve would usually give his reading glasses to his wife to carry in her purse but one night when she had a small clutch Cheryl-Anne casually remarked “I need some glasses in the back of my phone case”.

And that was the eureka moment.

“We both need our glasses to read anything,” said Steve – a South Australian fireman who has been in the job 31 years.

His wife Cheryl-Anne has been a hairdresser and business owner for 33 years.

“We are just an ordinary suburban couple, but we are having a crack at the big-time.” Steve told Tech Guide.


“We have mortgaged the house and over the last two years have paid for product design and development, dozens of 3D prints and CNC prototypes, endless off-tool samples.

“Finally this week we paid off all the injection molds.”

With the tooling and development completed and test, Lenzcase has just launched on Kickstarter with the aim to be in full production this month to have the product available to ship in early December.

You can check out the Lenzcase Kickstarter campaign here.

Lenzcase will be priced at just $US28 which includes shipping costs.

With Lenzcase – you’ll never be caught without your glasses again.