Modern technology gives us many things.

What is your tech personality type?


As Australians we love technology and are early adopters of all types of devices but new research has identified six distinct technology personality types.

Digital Ethnographer Jonathan Hutchinson partnered with Microsoft in his research to identify the different ways people approach and use technology in their day-to-day lives.

From looking at consumer use, adoption and personal behaviour the study pinpointed six different personalities that consumers will be able to identify with.

Here are the six tech types:


This user is always working on a new project and regularly share ideas while using technology to try and turn that idea into reality. You’ll find them in coffee shops working on a screenplay or a blog.


The Sharer loves to showcase their experiences and events in their everyday life with their friends and followers. They take lots of photographs to document their experiences and often post them on social media.


This personality type is curious about all things tech and is always looking for solutions and shortcuts. They love to be ones to share the their know-how and identifying what’s next in the tech world.


Here’s a user who want to get the job done and is eager to learn how technology can help them do more of what they love to do. They are also eager to learn more to upskill themselves to improve their careers and their lives.


This person like to stand on the sidelines either through their device or in real life and to consume experiences, great moments and stories. They are happy to get by with their device to check out whatever cool stuff they happen to find.


The Make Doer just gets in with things and only uses technology when they need it and place more importance on the other things in their life. They live a fairly low-tech life and would prefer real world interaction.