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Toontastic 3D storytelling app is a fun and powerful way to unleash your child’s imagination


It wasn’t that long ago that kids needed a pencil and paper and a healthy imagination to create their own story but now it’s a lot easier and a lot more powerful with the new Google Toontastic 3D app.

Available now for free on both Android and iOS, Toontastic 3D is a storytelling app that allows kids to create their own animations.

The app encourages children to be creative and sparks their imagination with some impressive tools.

Toontastic 3D makes it possible for kids can turn their ideas into 3D cartoons they can save and share with their friends.

Users can choose their settings, design their own characters (including adding their own face), add movement and their voice, add music and then save the result in their photo library.


Kids (and adults who want to have fun) can create a short story in three parts, a classic story in five parts or a science report in five parts.

The app also points out the story structure – beginning where the characters are introduced, the middle when something happens and characters are challenged and the end where your story is wrapped up.

Toontastic 3D works with the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets and doesn’t require a connection to the internet to create your story.

The app is free and there are no ads or in-app purchases at all with no log-in or password necessary.


And when you’ve finished your story you can easily export the result to show your friends and family on your device or on social media.

Toontastic 3D gives storytellers of all ages the chance to tell their stories and showcase their creativity to the world.