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The new technology Domino’s unveiled to get your pizza to you even faster


Domino’s Pizza knows every second counts when it comes to ordering and delivery and today it unveiled technology to ensure food is delivered faster and ready the moment you walk in to a store to pick it up.

Using customer data and its GPS tracking technology, the company is aiming to bring home delivery times down to just 10 minutes.

But more than half of Domino’s customers choose to pick up their pizza in a store.

Domino’s says time is the enemy of food so the less time your pizza is sitting there waiting for you the better.

And to ensure your pizza comes out of the oven the minute you walk in the door, Domino’s has reversed its GPS driver tracker to track the customer and working out when they will arrive in the store.

This new On-Time Cooking feature will ask the customer if it’s OK to track their location.

Domino's Pizza Don Meij
Domino’s Pizza Don Meij

Then when they enter the “Cooking Zone” as they make their way to the store, the pizza will go in the oven.

And this will take into account whether they are walking or driving so those valuable minutes are shaved off the process so the customer has a hot, fresh pizza in their hands as soon as they arrive in the store.

On-Time Cooking was just one of several innovations unveiled by Domino’s Pizza today.


With the huge amounts of data gathered through online ordering and GPS tracking, the company is providing estimated home delivery times for customers.

And in the process the company has looked at its own performance from cooking times and delivery to shave off even more minutes to speed up the process where they can and keep it slow to ensure quality and driver safety.

Also unveiled was a Zero Click pizza ordering option. A user who saves a favourite pizza to their app can choose this option where they simply open the app to order.


They then have 10 seconds to cancel the order in case it was opened by mistake.

Today it takes Domino’s 7min 40sec to make and cook a pizza with its existing ovens but the company says it has ordered new faster ovens and flow assembly to bring that time down to four minutes and eventually as fast as three minutes.

In its data analysis, Domino’s says the pizza spend more time in the rack after it has been cooked and in the car park as the delivery driver moves to their car or scooter, than the actual delivery drive to the customer’s house.

The automated delivery concept DRU
The automated delivery concept DRU

The goal is to reduce rack time and have drivers hustle faster to their vehicles and from their vehicle to the customer’s doorstep.

In the ordering process, Domino’s is hoping to offer a voice-activated service to make it easier for people to order their pizza hands-free or when they are driving.

The data the company gathers will also be used to target upselling to customers by offering special deals and offers from time to time.

There are already fun polls customers can take within the app while waiting for a pizza to arrive from asking if you like pineapple on your pizza to who you would prefer as the Australian Prime Minister.

Customers can take a poll while waiting for their pizza - including who they'd prefer as PM
Customers can take a poll while waiting for their pizza – including who they’d prefer as PM

Domino’s Pizza is also toying with automated delivery with a concept robotic vehicle it has called Dru.

The four-wheeled self-driving robot can keep pizzas a warmed up inside chassis and present the right pizzas for delivery when it arrives at the customer’s home.