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LG reveals pricing for 55-inch curved OLED TV


lgoledprice2LG has just set the price for its new 55-inch curved OLED which will go on sale in Australia in mid-September at selected retails outlets.

LG’s 55EA9800 will set you back $11,999 after initial estimates placed it closer to $15,000.

But despite that lower than expected price tag, the LG 55-inch curved OLED TV is still $1000 more expensive than Samsung’s 55-inch OLED television that went on sale a week ago.

LG’s model has a subtle inward curving screen with five speakers with a total output of 40W to go along with the crystal clear picture.

What sets OLED apart is that each pixel is self-lighting – in other words, it doesn’t need a backlight – and that means panels are quite thing.

In LG’s case the actual display thickness is only 4.3mm thick with the entire television weighing just 17kg.

The new 55-inch curved OLED TV

It also has Smart Touch controls on the bottom of the screen.

Pricing for LG’s new 55-inch and 65-inch Ultra High Definition TVs were also revealed at $4,999 and $7,499 respectively.

Stay tuned for review of all of these LG TVs in Tech Guide in the coming weeks.

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