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Hisense releases its first range of OLED TVs


Hisense has become the latest TV manufacturer to launch OLED TVs which are now available at major retailers and bolstering its range of already popular ULED TVs.

The Hisense 4K UHD OLED TVs will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch and will feature super slim bezels and a sleek metal frame.

These new TVs will leverage the best features of OLED – deep blacks and stunning colours along with wide colour gamut, HDR (high dynamic range) and a 200Hz smooth motion rate.

“Australian consumers crave high-quality technology in their homes but are also incredibly design-conscious, especially when it comes to their TVs,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“The increasing demand for our premium ULED TVs reflects this, with our entire range experiencing strong growth year on year.

“The launch of the Hisense OLED TV further demonstrates our unwavering commitment to brilliant design, technology and innovation, which are at the heart of everything we do. We’re very excited to be bringing this product to market.”

The Hisense OLED TVs will be priced at $3,499 (55-inch) and $4,999 (65-inch).

“The type of TV you should purchase really depends on your space and viewing habits,” said Chris Mayer, Product Specialist at Hisense Australia.

“The Hisense OLED display offers striking contrast and deep blacks, making it a great choice for Australians that enjoy regularly watching movies at home.

“Viewing films on an OLED TV in a dark environment is recommended, as it heightens the contrast and allows the colour to really pop off the screen.

“ULED, on the other hand, provides a brighter viewing experience that is effective at offsetting natural light – such as that in open plan living rooms.

“The Hisense Series 9 ULED TV is particularly good in this scenario because it offers 2500-nit Peak Brightness, ensuring contrast and image quality is maintained even if the space is flooded with light.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Hisense OLED as it means we can now offer Australians both Hisense’s ULED and OLED solutions, enabling them to see the incredible no matter the nature of their living space.”

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the Hisense OLED TV.