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How Smarter’s FridgeCam can make your existing fridge smarter


There’s plenty of smart refrigerators out there but how can you make your existing fridge smarter. Answer: With the Smarter FridgeCam that allows you to see what’s in your fridge at any time.

The device attaches to the door of your fridge and uses a wide-angle lens to capture everything that’s inside.

And not only can it send you the latest image whenever you want to check if you need milk or eggs, the Smarter FridgeCam can also get to know the products inside and remind you when you need to pick up some groceries.

The app will even send you push notifications if it detects that you’re near a supermarket or shopping centre.

It can also remind you about the expiry date of some of your products so there’s no more guessing and possibly buy something you don’t need yet.


So, the FridgeCam can also save you money there as well.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Smarter’s FridgeCam can even provide recipe suggestions based on what it can see in your fridge.

No-one is going to get rid of a perfectly good refrigerator because they want to replace it with a smart fridge. That’s only going to happen if your fridge packs it in.


Well now, with the Smarter FridgeCam, you enjoy the benefits of having a smart fridge without actually having to buy an expensive new refrigerator.

It will be available later this year in Australia and priced at around $250.