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Parrot reveals latest range for its attack of the drones


Here come the drones! Parrot has revealed the latest mini drones that will hit the market later this year that have new designs, new capabilities and that can travel in the air, on the ground and even in the water.

There are 13 new drones heading our way in September and ready to satisfy the growing customer demands for these devices.

The mini robots can be controlled via a free app called Free Flight 3 on our smartphones and tablets.

The latest range of products have been split up into three main groups.


These models can roll, spin and turn at 90 degrees. But the most impressive feat is the robot’s ability to jump up to 80cm into the air.

And because of its virtually untippable design, it is always going to land on its wheels.

Also on board is a wide angle camera, microphone and speaker so you can see, listen and talk.


Within the Jumping family is the Night and Race.

The Night has two powerful LED lights which adjustable brightness to find your way around in the dark.

The Race takes it up and notch and can reach speeds of up to 13km/h.


These mini quadrocopters are quite agile and can perform flips and zip through the air at up to 18km/h.

The Night has two powerful LED lights which means you can fly this device day or night.


The Cargo is more of a transport drone and has a Lego-like base for carrying figures or toy bricks.


The Hydrofoil combines a boat with a mini drone so you can speed over the surface of the water as well at an impressive 10km/h.

When you’re ready to go, the drone pops up into the vertical position and uses its four blades to propel the device across the water.


The new Parrot line-up of drones will be available in September from Parrot’s Online Store, Apple Stores, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and other leading retailers.