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Special plan offers available for displaced Kogan Mobile customers


philippine sim cardKogan Mobile customers have become fair game for rival telcos who are trying to lure some of the stranded 120,000 users to their networks with special offers.

Yatango, Jeenee and Optus saw an opportunity to attract Kogan Mobile’s customers after the service was shut down following the collapse of telco wholesaler ispONE.

Kogan Mobile customers will have less than 60 days of service before they need to find a new carrier.

The good news for these customers is it is possible to keep their existing number and port it to a new provider.


Yatango’s exclusive offer for Kogan Mobile customers starts off with 30 days of free service with no lock in commitment.

Kogan Mobile customers were sent a unique code which will allow them to redeem the free offer of unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 6GB of data.

Yatango encourage Kogan Mobile users to try the service free for 30-days and use that period to monitor their usage to tailor a plan that’s right for their needs.

Yatango uses the Optus network and allows customers to adjust calls, texts and data allowances on their plan to suit their mobile habits.


Jeenee Mobile is a not-for-profit telco which is offering Kogan Mobile customers a discount on one of its most popular plans.

Kogan Mobile customers can receive a $15 discount off the $45 JeeNee Essentials Flexi Plan for the lifetime of their plan.

The company’s Sydney-based help centre staff can help customers make the switch painlessly while retaining their original number.

Powered by the Optus network, the $45 JeeNee Flexi plan includes $650 worth of calls, 6000 texts and 1GB of data.


Optus were quick to offer displaced Kogan Mobile customers a lifeline after the service collapsed earlier this week.

Within hours Optus were offering Kogan Mobile users double the talk time and double the data for the first three pre-paid recharges of $30 or more.