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Qantas, Virgin allow gate-to-gate gadget use on flights


inflightmobilesFrom today, Qantas and Virgin passengers will be able to use their electronic devices onboard the aircraft from gate to gate.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved new in-flight rules that mean passengers don’t have to put away their smartphones, tablets and ereader products at any time – including take off and landing.

But larger devices weighing a kilo or more, like a laptop, must still be stowed for take off and landing.

And mobile devices, while they can still be used to play a game, watch a movie or read a book, must be switched to Airplane mode, which ensure there are no cellular connections.

This move allows airlines like Virgin to offer passengers in-flight entertainment via an onboard wi-fi stream to their devices.

Qantas is already offering wireless in-flight entertainment that can be streamed wirelessly to tablet devices.

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