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Arlo launches new Video Doorbell to make greeting visitors easier and smarter


Arlo, the number one connected wireless security camera brand, has just released a video doorbell that adds a number of smart and convenient features to your front door.

The Arlo Video Doorbell offers a whole new dimension to smart entry solutions with its expertise from its camera technology.

It will include high definition video quality and a wider 180-degree field of view and a square aspect ratio so users can see a larger and clearer view of their front door.

This means you can view visitors from head to toe and see at a glance if there are any packages on your doorstep.

And unlike other video doorbells, the Arlo Video Doorbell delivers direct to mobile video calls along with personalised alerts to users when packages people, vehicles or animals are detected nearby.

Usually it takes a few steps to respond to a notification that someone is at your front door and this delay has resulted in missing a visitor or delivery.

But with the Arlo Video Doorbell live video call, it’s possible to respond instantly like you’re answering a phone call for real-time response via two way audio.

It’s also possible to respond with pre-recorded quick reply messages.

“Arlo Video Doorbell has been engineered to have advance alert and picture quality features in order to help homeowners identify and engage with visitors even before they knock on the door,” said Bradley Little, Vice President of Sales APAC.

“We went beyond industry standards to create a solution that ensures visitors are never missed, with a fuller vertical field-of-view users are able to see more from their front door.”

The Arlo Video Doorbell connects to existing wired mechanical or digital chime for continuous power.

With the purchase of an Arlo Video Doorbell, customers will receive a complimentary three-month trial of Arlo’s AI subscription-based service Arlo Smart with access to 30 days of recordings.

This service also allows users to set separate notifications when it spots people, packages, animals and vehicles.

Arlo Video Doorbell goes on sale in mid-April from major electronics retailers around Australia and will be priced at $289.

Arlo Video Doorbell features:

– Optimised front entry view – industry-leading vertical field-of-view with an optimised 1:1 aspect ratio

– Motion detection and alerts – receive alerts when motion is detected

– Video call – calls your phone directly so you never miss a visitor

– Quick reply messages – pre-recorded messages to quickly reply to visitors

– Night vision – see who’s at your door at night, even without a light on

– HD video – capture vivid detail in bright and dark areas with HDR

– Zoom – zoom in on a subject while on a live video call

– Silent mode – disables push notifications and silences chime

– Weather-resistant design – designed to withstand heat, cold, rain or sun

– Tamper detection – siren can be triggered if someone attempts to remove the doorbell