Modern technology gives us many things.

Mercedes Benz demonstrates remote control parking with a smartphone


Mercedes Benz has come up with a new way to park your car – by using your smartphone as a remote control.  The new parking technology was demonstrated on its next generation E Class.

The self parking feature means the driver can stand outside the car and remotely pilot the vehicle into a parking space using an app on their smartphone.

It is ideal for manoeuvring the car in and out of tight parking spaces that would have been impossible for the driver to get in and out of the car.

And in doing so risking dings and damage to your car’s paintwork.

But now with the Remote Parking Pilot – which will be onboard the 2016 E Class – the driver can position the car, exit the vehicle, and then steer the car into the parking spot remotely before locking it.


Codenamed the W213, the next generation E Class, due in early 2016, will offer a number of new technologies including the Remote Parking Pilot.