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Kogan launches affordable new 4K UHD smart TV range


Kogan has launched a new range of 4K Ultra High Definition LED TVs that will be the most affordable in Australia with special pre-sale prices that will start at less than $430.

The Kogan Agora 4K Smart TV is available in three sizes – 49-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch – and all feature panels from either Samsung or LG. has made a name for itself by offering affordable prices and these new TVs meet that commitment.

Pre-sale prices are $429 (49-inch), $499 (55-inch) and $899 (65-inch). These pre-sale prices will be available until August 18 unless extended or sold out.

Each TV has a 4K screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 with smart TV functionality to access content online along with a built-in Personal Video Recorder which allows users to record programs to USB or hard drive.

The 49-inch and 65-inch Kogan 4K smart TVs include Samsung’s high-quality panels while the 55-inch TV features a panel sourced from LG.


“For over a decade we’ve been committed to making the latest technology more affordable,” said founder & CEO, Ruslan Kogan.

“In 2007, this meant a 46” dumb thick LCD TV for $2999 which was the first time the $3000 barrier was broken for such a TV.

“Today, we’re launching a bigger, better, thinner Smart LED TV for $429.


“It’s a true sign of how far we’ve come and we’re honoured to be able to delight our customer base of over a million Aussies in this way.”


There is a lot of 4K content around now on 4K Ultra HD disc and also on Netflix and YouTube and with these new Kogan 4K UHD TVs, viewers will be able to enjoy that content in all its glory.


You can pre-order the new Kogan 4K UHD TVs from these links:

49″ Agora Smart 4K LED TV:

55″ Agora Smart 4K LED TV:

65″ Agora Smart 4K LED TV: