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Introducing the sunglasses with adjustable tint control


Imagine being able to adjust the tint on your sunglasses to suit your surroundings. That’s exactly what one company has done with the Skugga Dynamic Eyewear which can adapt to the light around you.

The Skugga Dynamic Eyewear uses an ambient light sensor to automatically set the tint on the lenses.

Users can also adjust the shades with the Skugga companion app to manually set a comfortable tint level via Bluetooth.

Unlike other photochromatic lenses that adjust for to compensate for UV-exposure, the Skugga sunglasses can be adjusted when the brightness of the light is the issue.


The sunglasses look no different than any other regular pair of sunglasses.

There are no buttons or ports on the device and it uses induction charging to power the internal rechargeable battery.


The induction charger attaches to the right arm of the sunglasses with another charging base also available to recharge the glasses when they are placed on the surface.

Also onboard the Skugga Dynamic Eyewear is a sensor to log your daily UV exposure.


There are two styles and and several colours available


The product has been launched with a Kickstarter campaign where people can back the project until it raises enough money to go into production.

You can see check out the Skugga Dynamic Wear here.