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What are the 7 most Important Parts of Business Cards

In the professional world, business cards play a very crucial role. It is not just a piece of paper that has your contact details, but it is something that reflects your brand’s personality and style.

Having a business card is crucial for both professional and personal growth and identity. There is no doubt that social media and email have emerged as important networking tools, but business cards remain an actual way to make a strong first impression and a long-lasting impression.

However, the right design and selection of business cards are important to make it easier for people to remember you and your brand. So, let’s discuss how one should design their professional business card to stand out in the crowd of markets. 


The logo is the visual representation of the company. It clarifies what your company stands for and what kind of services it provides. It is also the first thing that people notice. Therefore, it obviously plays a crucial role in creating a strong first impression. For a businessman, the logo of his company is a proud thing. Doesn’t matter whether you are new to business or have an established one, a business card is always required to leave a long-lasting impression on the holders. Go for a high-quality dot-per-inch image to give your logo a crisp touch.


Contact Details

Business cards were mainly designed with the purpose of exchanging contact information with others in an easy and convenient way. Earlier, the contact information was mainly the registered mobile number of the company, but in the 21st century, contact details mean anything from a phone number to an email or some geographical location. So, whichever contact information you wish to put on the card, make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the text to make it visible. However, if you wish to put more than one address, then you need space, which you can easily get in from Mobilo’s digital business card. As a smart businessman, you should double-check all the contact information, and if you are switching to digital business cards, then you can correct the errors anytime.

Name and Title

This section of the business card is very important as it solves the first question of the cardholder, i.e., Your name and identity. This section helps the recipient in understanding your position in the company. This information is crucial for establishing personal trustworthiness and connections. Here, the title plays the role of great memory joggers, as every individual is not good with names. There are even some people who prefer remembering the designation rather than the name. Choose the right color combination and design the alphabet in a way that is not difficult to read.

URL or QR Code

A business card has all the details, but how can you invite the recipient directly to your website? For this, add a link or QR code to your business cards. This is a practice that is being done by many. This idea will give a direct invitation to the cardholder to visit your website and explore the services and products that your company offers with great details. You need to place the URL or scan code in an easily visible place on the card. Moreover, if you are going with a URL, then keep it short and easy to type. However, QR codes are the best alternative as no visitor will have to type anything; just scanning and visiting would make it smoother.

Social Media Handle

In today’s digital world, every business, whether small or big, needs to have an excellent online presence. Social media also works as an additional way to stay updated and connect with the company’s activities on a daily basis. It helps the viewers get an insight into the company and its people. In addition, social media also helps the company in engaging customers and clients easily. So, get all your active social media handles on your business card. Take the use of accurate social media icons with your handles to let others clearly get the idea of your page. There are chances that before contacting you directly, people might go to your social media handles. So, always maintain your account with engaging and interesting posts related to your brand and target audience.

 Description or Tagline

A tagline or slogan puts an impression on the customers, and it also makes the concept of your business clear to them. Select and design a 4 to 5-word interesting and creative tagline that reflects your business’s personality perfectly. In addition, taglines are also useful at places where your company’s name does not get in line. Here, taglines work to attract customers and potential buyers. While looking for a tagline, search for something that conveys your business essence and is easy to read and remember. Try to make it more rhythmic, as a rhythm stays in mind for a longer time. Moreover, keep the tagline as small as you can and use words that can be pronounced easily. Last but not least, place the tagline near or below the company’s name to make it along with the company’s tone and voice.

White Space

Business cards can hold a lot of information in one go, but it can make your card look messy and unarranged. A white space is basically the empty area of the card. Therefore, having a white space or negative space in the card is important to make it appear clean and well organized. Make your card easy to read, and do not stuff too much information in the card. Always remember to have an accurate balance between the images, texts, and white space. As this is a business card, keep it more professional with a clear and uncluttered design.

If you are looking to make a long-lasting impression on your connection, business cards are definitely a very valuable tool. If you think paper business cards are outdated, you can also prefer digital cards. Keeping a business card on you makes you appear professional and makes it simple and sensible to share contact information. It allows you to communicate your professional credentials and brand identity smoothly. So, get ready to impress your clients by designing a business card by adding some important information that is mentioned above.