Modern technology gives us many things.

The Latest Technologies You Can Use To Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Game


Technology is everywhere, from our homes to offices, shopping malls to railway stations, restaurants to schools. Even traditional word-of-mouth marketing has been replaced by coming-of-age digital tools that help spread the word faster and more effectively. 

Technology has made it possible for businesses, both large and small, to sell anything to anyone from anywhere. Modern marketing tools contribute at large to amplify the marketing outputs and get better returns. 

From paid media to SEO to email, marketers have their hands full with digital marketing technologies that go a long way in generating awareness and leads. Every day witnesses the inception of something new and viable to enhance the efficiency of digital marketing. 

This article will introduce you to some of the latest technologies doing rounds in the digital marketing industry. Continue reading to learn the latest technologies you can incorporate in your digital marketing plan to get better returns in less time. 

Internet of Behaviours (IoB)

While on one hand, the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm, the Internet of Behavior (IoB) is emerging as a viable technology to aid digital marketing campaigns. Just the way IoT collects and exchanges data over the internet, IoB conjugates IoT with data analytics and behavioural science. 

It gauges human behaviour and uses the data to culminate digital marketing strategies. For instance, retail companies can track the behaviour of their potential customers and their buying habits across various platforms to curate suitable products and services and provide them with real-time notifications about the latest offers, target ads, and point of sale.

AI-based automation 

Artificial intelligence has sprouted by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Voice search, smart assistants, chatbots, and many other latest technologies are aided by Artificial Intelligence. 

Almost every business, related to varied arenas, uses AI to fuel their marketing strategies. It helps companies identify and curate strategies that enhance customer experience and benefit their overall business. 

Artificial intelligence allows marketing agencies to gather relevant data about customers and customer behaviour, making marketing communication more scalable and personalised, helping companies acquire and retain more customers. 

Hyper-local marketing 

Gathering geolocation data and fusing it with marketing has been a fruitful undertaking for companies. No matter how much outreach a business gets, playing the local card always works in its favour. Even global companies customise their marketing strategies to target their local audience. 

With the constant growth of IoT devices, hyper-local marketing is gaining momentum. Marketers are swearing by the idea of using location data in their marketing campaigns. With this, it is possible for them to approach the potential customers near them. 

Furthermore, using geolocation with IoT technologies is giving companies new horizons to implement targeted marketing campaigns. 

Data analytics 

Owing to modern technologies, brands always have customer data in copious amounts. Today, companies have got their hands on everything from buying habits to the products they prefer splurging on. 

Data analytics enable them to use the gathered data optimally. It provides relevant information to the marketers and helps them form meaningful and personalised marketing strategies. 

Live videos 

Ever since their inception, live videos have been entertaining the world. If numbers are to be believed, the live video streaming market is expected to reach 184.3 billion by 2027. 

Live videos provide a great opportunity for businesses to make themselves more accessible. With BTS glimpse and real footage, they attract the attention of their customers and enhance engagement. With live videos, brands also generate an air of curiosity among the crowd and boost awareness. 

From live Q&A sessions to live product tutorials and behind-the-scenes sagas to fun live interviews, live videos bring fans closer to the brand and the people associated with it, significantly benefitting the brand. 

Voice search 

When it comes to digital marketing, voice search is an underrated tool. Most marketers overlook the benefits of integrating voice search technology in their marketing plan. 

With around a 95% accuracy score (same as humans), voice search makes up for a potent digital marketing tool. A content strategy incorporating long-tail and question/answer-based keywords can bring any business to the attention of potential customers. 

Smart bidding 

Explore Google Ads, and you will find automated smart bidding strategies that contribute to strengthening the digital marketing game. 

Owing to the potency of the Google Advertising campaign, more and more digital marketers rely on this marketing tool. They form content strategies, optimise keywords and bids while running a Google Advertising campaign to make the most of it. Google Ads’ automated bidding option makes this process easy and accurate.

Google reviews the data and changes the bid accordingly to suit the advertising campaign, boost efficiency, and help you meet your goals. It improves the entire campaign performance by leaps and bounds. 

Social media 

Several technologies will come and go, but social media will remain the undisputed king as a digital marketing tool. You cannot deny the power of social media. It helps build brand identity, reach new customers irrespective of geographical boundaries, and fabricate a personalised bond with the customers.

It is a viable tool to help boost your SEO ranking, facilitate interaction between you and your customers, and make your brand more accessible to your target audience. Undoubtedly, every leading company hires a professional social media agency to form dedicated social media marketing strategies. 

An easy social media strategy comprises understating the target audience, determining the best platform, and forming relevant content. Furthermore, using social media scheduling, monitoring, and management tools further boosts the marketing game. 

The bottom line 

Customer-centred marketing always works in favour of companies. These technologies act as catalysts and accelerate the progress of the marketing campaign. Conjugated with the old-school marketing tricks, these latest technologies help companies meet their marketing goals within the desired time frame. 

Use these latest technologies to plan your business marketing strategy and take your digital marketing game several notches higher.